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Neko 2002-05-24 22:09

Have you ever had sex
If you feel it is personal info keep it to yourself ok?

Well anyone?

wacko 2002-05-24 22:14

Starting with yourself?

Me: nope.

Bomba! 2002-05-24 22:14

Ofcourse,me lightwing and atresica had threesome two days ago.

Snapman 2002-05-24 22:20


Although tomorrow I can legally 'get laid'.

I doubt most people here will have. Most of us are teens aged about 16... most people don't lose their virginity until about 18, so I don't think many people here will have.

Some of the older peeps might have.

Lightwing 2002-05-24 22:23

Oh my god...some ppl really need to get a life. The latest threads and topics have been rather extreme. To tell you the truth, I never though I'd see an LBA fan ask that question. :p

Well, now I've seen just about everything I can on MBN.

Neko 2002-05-24 22:26

The lba scene is very soft, but mature and intelligent. Believe me if politicians would play lba there would be world peace ;)

This is just a normal question, but this place is sometimes a little bit too boring.

Wacko: to answer your question, yeah I have.

And no it does not matter if you have or not, it is not important anyway, but I am just curious.

Atresica 2002-05-24 22:29

Nope, not yet, and with this rate, probably not before I'm 25 (than again, lightwings attempt to rape me in the channel might be successful one day :stupid: )

btw, lovely Miss Bloob Jesse :p

wacko 2002-05-24 22:30

Jesse: I bet you just lost your virginity, d00d. And then opened a topic. :D

Lightwing 2002-05-24 22:31


I'ma mastapimp.

That is all I shall say.

Darkflame 2002-05-24 22:38

But i don't care :)

who is all this infomation being sold too btw?
wacko - Probably true :D

Neko 2002-05-24 22:39


Originally posted by wacko
Jesse: I bet you just lost your virginity, d00d. And then opened a topic. :D
Nah actually it was somewhere in july

myabe I could discover which data it was acutally, hard to figure out :p

arognlie 2002-05-24 23:11

Erm... yes.

V2 2002-05-24 23:46

hell no, i ' m just 16!! :p

not that i wouldn't like to :p

no, seriously i don't think there would be any possibility of me having sex before 18. also, i wanna note that i would never ever go with a whore. i find it so.... immoral!! well, any realationships of that kind is immoral if you're not married, but going with a whore is too much, imo

Lightwing 2002-05-25 00:25

*Lightwing is a 23-year-old lasbian whore*

That hurt V2.


Axx 2002-05-25 00:41

0_o.. vat a dumb thread...

jesse is showing of.. axx can meet challenge.. but dosnt want to turn into one of these sex storie heros.. (jesse has:D)

id get stoned to death by having sex..

arognlie 2002-05-25 01:12


Originally posted by Axx
id get stoned to death by having sex..
I truly hope you're joking...

elmuerte 2002-05-25 01:15

omg ... what's next !? "Did you ever kill somebody ?"

Medur 2002-05-25 01:33

"With who in the MBN would you have sex?"
At this point, I could die in piece because I have seen everything in life :rolleyes:
Atre: I thought you think sex is useless...

Axx 2002-05-25 01:39

nah i wont get dtoned to death unless i have sex when im married and have children.. (who would like to see their dad or mom go of with someone else?)

G.A. Zogem 2002-05-25 08:47

no one would

Vultures 2002-05-25 09:34

no, not yet


Originally posted by V2
hell no, i ' m just 16!! :p
Somes of my friend has sex and were 14-15years old...

Simon 2002-05-25 10:53

Yeah, and some people have sex when they are like..11..but that's sick..
Wait till you grow up..or you will have to take care of a baby in some time ;)

Axx 2002-05-25 11:34

its not age that matters, its personality, i mean if some one wants sex, and wants it bad, he goes and gets any girl he thinks ill accept, but some ppl go for the girl they really like, who most probably wont want sex

Neko 2002-05-25 13:39

Showing off?
Not really, just liked to post something different....

DUMB thread.....tsssk


It was a very normal question :P

wacko 2002-05-25 14:06

Ah shit, I should have replied here with "Not with a human being". :D

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