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Snapman 2002-08-31 01:29

Favourite LBA1 Audio Track
What is your favourite audio track from LBA1? Just curious, I guess.

Mine is Funky Town, because the song is just so... funky! It's really catchy. But Opening For LBA and LBA's Theme are also great.

That said there is really a bad audio track there. It's great to listen to. Which ones do you like?

wacko 2002-08-31 02:05

I really like The Rebels, I think that's my favourite. It has a real... well, rebellious/proud feeling over it :)

Q-Wi-Q 2002-08-31 08:47

I adore the Rebels ^^ so many good memories :D

Assassin 2002-08-31 08:51

I think the theme is the best :).

kaderoboy 2002-08-31 18:49

Ah, finally an LBA1 Music thread. :) There was some mixup about the track names a while ago, all PCs seem to register the CD as an Enya album :D

Personally I think 'The Quest' is the best track, the oboe along with the harp and strings towards the end always brings back memories of LBA :)

Morden279 2002-08-31 19:06

Mmm, "Dessert", yum yum... :p


Rabbibunny052 2002-08-31 19:22

well....Track 8 the himalaya mountains has always been my favorite. But...I also love LBA's theme. :)

Lord_of_2_suns 2002-09-01 22:49

I like Funky and Main theme

Lucifer 2002-09-02 13:41

LBA's theme is the best!

I like LBA2's music more then LBA1's - Song of Gabriel is coooool...

Vultures 2002-09-02 14:08

The rebels is the best for me, and I like too "the quest" and "desert", those songs are my favourite.

McKay 2002-09-03 12:28

Funky town is very funky.

Hamalayi track is also good. The village sounds like something out of the nutcracker with little mice running around.:D LBA2 music is also good. Honey Bee really sounds bee-ish (is that a word?:?)

D`Sparil 2002-09-05 00:22

I'm kinda amazed. Well, I'll be the first to say that I prefer "In the Temple". Perhaps the darkest of all of them, that kind of music always made me feel all nice inside.

Kieron 2002-09-05 02:52

so hard to choose... i love them all, really. they're all so big and dramatic, maybe with the exception of the pizzicato string theme they play in the library (is that the quest, or the rebels? where do them names come from anyway?! :? )

i especially love track 6 (the one played in the temple and on citadel island), because of its darkness; track 8 (the hamalayi theme) because it seems to contrast on the one hand with a cold, mysterious, hamalayi-y sound, and on the other with the 'invading' military theme (the hamalayis are one of my fave places - look at me website :) ), and also because of how complex the harmony and accompanying parts are; and of course track 10, because it's so dramatic and beautiful, it's all tingly :) - a bit like some adiemus tracks i listen to again and again.

ow look, i've written a mini essay :)

kaderoboy 2002-09-05 17:26

Have to agree with you there Kieron :)

Before, I used to think that the LBA2 tracks were much much better than LBA1s (never used to listen the the LBA1 tracks much before), then when I lost LBA2 for three years (yep found it a month ago :D) I used to listen to the LBA1 tracks and found that they had much more feel to them, although now that I'm listening to the LBA2 tracks as well I can't decide any more :o :P

In LBA2 Vachey had much more realistic instrument samples, they were convincingly real, listen to the trumpet intro in 'The Empire', the crescendo is perfect :) However, personally I thought the LBA1 musical pieces were better.

Neko 2002-09-05 18:32

The Hamalyi is brilliant.

Quest and rebels, in the temple and the main theme as well.

kaderoboy 2002-09-05 21:10

Hm, I dunno where those track names came from, I don't think Vachey officially named them, there was something about Orionoco Flow as track no 1's name, but that's from an Enya album :D

Lord_of_2_suns 2002-09-05 21:34

Ya Its shows on mine too Enya...weird..

kaderoboy 2002-09-05 21:48

Hm, maybe Phil meant it that way to get more recognition for his music :)

Alchemist 2002-09-10 15:58

"The Rebels" and "LBA's Theme".

AniX 2002-09-10 17:09

I love Himalayi... so nice... so wonderful...

Gustav Sweden 2002-09-11 11:16

Track 02.

Illumina 2002-09-11 14:05

In the temple, hamalyi mountain, opening theme and Lba theme...:)

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