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D`Sparil 2002-11-07 21:03

Warcraft III map.
Hey everyone,

I'm currently working on a map for WC3 based on the Southern Hemisphere of Twinsun. Problem is, the editor won't allow people to make huge maps. Only large ones. So I won't be able to fit all the islands in. Citadel is obviously a must. I mean... it's not LBA without Citadel Island. But, which others would you like to see? I probably have enough room to make 2 more.

- Principal
- Proxima
- Rebellion
- White Leaf Desert

Each has their own little problems with them. For example, Rebellion, and to a lesser degree, Proxima, would have parts made by me that are obviously not in the game. (Rebellion would probably be reconstructed, or what not)

Principal wouldn't be too difficult and I'm kind of expecting to do that one anyway.

White Leaf wouldn't look much like the real thing at all because the tileset I have to use doesn't have anything that resembles sand at all.

Tell me what you think and if you're interested I'll see if El will host it on the site.

HomerSimpson 2002-11-07 21:17

If you just need textures, I made some from the LBA1 White Leaf desert, so you could create a new tileset.
And the LBA2 textures can be extracted using LBADeComp, by the way.

Atresica 2002-11-07 21:25

get the new patch, it does allow 256 x 256 :)

D`Sparil 2002-11-07 21:52

It does? Damn. I spent so much time on Citadel Island and let me tell you, it's a pain in the ass. Hmmmmmm..... I've got an idea, though.

How do you make your own tileset, by the way?

-not too great at modding stuff, as you can see-

Firephoenix 2002-11-07 22:57

Good luck :cool:

Imo the best would be Citadel + Desert + Proxima. I dont know how much you can customise WIII, but I hope it'll look well like LBA. :)

Atresica 2002-11-08 00:23


Originally posted by D`Sparil
It does? Damn. I spent so much time on Citadel Island and let me tell you, it's a pain in the ass. Hmmmmmm..... I've got an idea, though.

How do you make your own tileset, by the way?

-not too great at modding stuff, as you can see-

Aren't there any tutorials on the official site or the site?

Gustav Sweden 2002-11-08 00:45

I actually started to create a LBA scenario with own voice recordings and such in Warcraft III editor. But that was in july, and after a week I got tired of the game, which sucks, btw. I am relieved I never gave any money for it.

D`Sparil 2002-11-08 03:46

Okay, I downloaded the newest patch and I still can't get at 256X256.

Plus, I haven't searched through the sites as to changing the tilesets but I'll definitely dig through them tonight.

Atresica 2002-11-08 17:12

oh wait >_<

It was an add-on made by a fan to use some of the things that are capeble with WC but not inplanted (like the Orc juggernaughts from the credits and some easter eggs)

Too bad it won't be giving the 256x256 untill the next release :(

I can mail you the current if you want

D`Sparil 2002-11-08 21:40

Okay, problems. First and foremost, bridges.

We're all very familiar with the bridge that goes over the enterance way to the harbor on Citadel Island. What I want to know is:

Is there any way to allow units to pass under bridges while still using them? For some reason, the editor brings the bridges wayyy down into the path and doesn't allow units to pass under.

Secondly, weather.

I've set up triggers and what not to create rain, but it still won't appear on the map. Is it only in cinematic mode, or what?

I'm sorry that all these questions are about the WC3 Editor and not LBA .... BUT have no fear. I'll work through them and deliver the best damn map I can, and then you guys will tell me what's wrong with it, and then I'll change it to be better.

Atresica 2002-11-08 23:28

I'll take a look at the editor tomorrow, hopefully I can answer some of your questions then

D`Sparil 2002-11-10 22:33

Alright, thanks. I've been out of town (and still am out of town) for the past couple days so I haven't been able to work with the problem much. However, tomorrow I'll be back at my normal computer and ableto tackle the problem once again.

ChaosFish 2004-04-20 16:01

He was doing an interesting thing :rolleyes: :D

morshem 2004-04-20 19:35

Where is he really? I miss him and his Twinsunica articles... :-/

D`Sparil 2004-05-06 07:13

Hey y'all. I'm still around morshem, always will be, I just write when I have time or am inspired to do so. (Or someone tells me to). Anyway, I will tell you what happened to this project. For a while, it was good. Things were running smoothly and most problems were worked out. Then came a key location on Citadel Island, the bridge that goes over the path leading to the harbor. Know of it? Yeah. Quite prominent in everyone's mind, no doubt. What happened was the computer would not allow a player's character to pass under the bridge into the harbor. This posed a problem as I wanted to create a map as similar to the original as I possibly could. After struggling with this issue for a time, I gave up. It was too difficult to create a "teleporting" trigger that would warp you to the harbor. Since then, the file was formatted along with the rest of my harddrive. I'd like to work on it again sometime, but first I'd like to get the WC3 expansion working again (my cd is shot, so I need a new one).

SpaceGuitarist 2004-05-06 19:07

hey dsparil i got w3 and the expansion frozen throne, im not much of a fan of it, but i made some modifications in maps (like the famous captain albatross :p) and i could help ya, though im not a good map modeler in w3, they seems like disneyland :p if ya get what im mean:D

Aule 2004-05-12 21:02

Im very into warcraft 3 custom, but sadly, not map making, but anyway i have some friends that may be able to help, and i know its possible to make bridges that u are able to pass under...

ChaosFish 2004-05-12 22:15

LOL @ Aule's avatar

This is the funnies avatar I've ever seen :D :D :D
[/off topic]

morshem 2004-05-13 08:15

I don't get it actually...

SpaceGuitarist 2004-05-18 02:16

lol @ aules thing.

So will someone make it? i can help...

mat_sagaz 2004-06-06 01:58

i love warcraft3 and the expansion! this game is really cool!
good luck

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