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D`Sparil 2002-11-18 21:25

The future of Encyclopedia Twinsunica
Hello fellow peoples,

I was thinking about the culmination of Encyclopedia Twinsunica and I got to wondering, what're we gonna do with it once it's completed? I mean, yes, it's several years down the road, but... you know. Are we going to leave it as a website? Expand it into a book? Make a program out of it? Force people to read every article and obey to our commands as Funfrock would do? ;) Just a thought.

wacko 2002-11-18 21:36

Once it's finished it will stay as a website, but also a downloadable version will be released (of which sometimes new versions will come out, because the encyclopedia is never 100% finished). Perhaps I could make a PDF of it too so you can print it as book edition. :)

Ofcourse I'm open for ideas.

It's too bad the total size is limited to 100 MB (webhost) which we've already reached...

Darkflame 2002-11-18 21:53

Its a database right? It should be possible to make a much smaller VB program to browse the articals shouldn't it?
I mean, there isn't that much multimedia is there.
In the future, I think a simple program to browse the articals with next seach functions, well presented, and purhapes a few enclopedia related games (eg, Quiz).
Give it an Encarta like feel.
Purhapes it Adeline could give it away with LBA3? (hopefully it will be finnished before then :D...err...actualy...lets hope it ISNT....)

wacko 2002-11-18 22:12


Originally posted by Darkflame
Its a database right? It should be possible to make a much smaller VB program to browse the articals shouldn't it?
I mean, there isn't that much multimedia is there.

It's the images that make it that large, only the articles take a few hundreds KB's.
(note that the images should still be linked to the articles, that'll give it a much better encyclopedia feeling)

Quiz is a good idea. Everything should be researchable in the encyclopedia ofcourse ;).

D`Sparil 2002-11-19 04:26

True. Like all good encyclopedias, they're released, then revamped and released again, then revamped and released again. Unfortunately, if it was released with LBA 3, then we'd better get some beta-copies before hand so we can input all the additional stuff from the game in there. Otherwise, they'll get an encyclopedia to laugh at 'cause it'll be missing all that info. :D Anyway, I think a PDF version would be cool. Too bad about those pictures though. It's gotta be the maps that are killer.

Lightwing 2002-11-19 04:36

If your looking for more room, here's a webhoster. Don't know if it is what you are looking for thought.

Oh well, I tried. :)

morshem 2002-11-28 22:36

How about a Babylon version of the encyclopedia?

ChaosFish 2002-11-28 22:41

Nice idea, morsh. Babylon is one of the best apps ever.

Blissful 2002-12-10 00:12

Ummm. Yeah, I just wanted to say that this is a awesome idea. I saw the site and I love it.

cdtmorgoth 2004-07-19 18:27

***If you need some nice interface or something like that, I will help :)

Lightwing 2004-07-19 20:36

I love its project because its HUGE and also a very large possibility. That is, this might be one of the few huge LBA projects we've set out to do, that might actual see completion.

I'm happy to continue work as soon as things get back on track.

ChaosFish 2004-07-19 20:42

Com'on wack, make the Twinsunica fully functional again :)

morshem 2004-07-19 21:26

Yeah, I really want the Admin Panel back already :( .

cdtmorgoth 2004-07-20 01:36

***Me too ! :)

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