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morshem 2003-06-15 21:32

What's going on?
Wacko, I understand that you don't have time for adding newly submitted articles recently.
However, there are a few people who still do have time, and as you can see in the last couple of pages of the submissions thread, I sort of fell in love with this project ;) .

Don't you think it would be a good idea to give someone else the ability to add the new articles?
Not adding an article for three whole months didn't exactly encourage people to write more articles, if you know what I mean.
Please also note that it's quite insulting to those who put tons of efforts into this project, and spend hours writing articles.

And when will you have some time for the project? I really hate to see it dying... :-/

morshem 2003-06-17 08:26

And like the whole project, so is this thread- no replies at all :-/.

D`Sparil 2003-06-17 09:22

I'm with you, morshem. I hate to see this great idea die off because we don't have time for it. I mean... it's quality. It should keep going until it's completed. And then, start up again once we get info from LBA3. ;)

morshem 2003-06-17 09:27

Ooh-wah! If LBA 3 comes out, the Twinsuinca will explode! :D

Look, what really bothers me is not that some of the writers don't have time, it's that the new articles are not added. Even if they're not edited yet, you can at least add them, so that people will know- yes, they are there.

morshem 2003-06-18 17:57

I would appreciate an answer, wacko.

wacko 2003-06-18 18:17

Sorry, I was going to post yesterday, with an apology for being late, so this is like a double apology.

I fully agree and I should have done this earlier on (D`Sparil notified me of this weeks ago).

Anyone who thinks he deserves admin access (that includes morshem and D`Sparil :)) can contact me with a password they would like for access, I will message back with login info.
This password should not be the same as you use on the MBN or anything else since I'll be able to see it ofcourse, and it's not a really secure login system.

I'd appreciate the help :)

morshem 2003-06-18 18:20

Hmm... I'm not sure I am the appropriate person for that... especially that I don't know how to add these articles.
However, if there's no one else to do it, then I'm all for it.

wacko 2003-06-18 18:27

You'll be using a web-based admin screen, kinda like posting on the MBN. It's easy, and you'll get instructions.

[edit] picture:

morshem 2003-06-18 19:23

Oh, cool! Doesn't look like a problem at all.
I would love to help with that :) .

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