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morshem 2003-06-17 05:08

Happy birthday D'Sparil!
Today is D'Sparil's birthday, he's turning 20! Happy birthday dude! :)

D`Sparil 2003-06-17 09:16

Muahahaha! Thank you morshem. Many of you do not know me. Lemme tell you a bit about myself. I've been on this earth for two decades now. I started playing LBA in that '94 - '95 area. Since I'm in the states, it's called Relentless. You know that, though. Anyway, I started playing it then and what really drew me to it was the music. I loved it. I was always looking for a way to contact Adeline ot see about getting the soundtrack somehow. Then, on some random occasion, I stuck the cd in my normal cd player and found out that it would actually play. Every now and then I come back to LBA. It's like an old lover or something awesome like that. You leave for a bit and come back and it's like, "woah, I love this part".

My brother who works in the gaming industry showed me the preview for LBA2. As you can imagine, I was ecstatic. I forget when that actually was, but I know it's been a number of years since the release of LBA2. Although it said you needed a Pentium 90-Mhz to play, I tried it on my 486 anyway, and it worked fine. Go Windows 3.1! So, jump years into the future, and here I am now. Still a huge fan over this game. I talk about it on my radio show and we play selections from the cds from time to time. And, when I feel the need to write, I contribute to the Encyclopedia Twinsunica as much as I can.

So... happy birthday to me! I'm 20 years old. Or as my girlfriend's mom said, "Happy 1/5th". Basically meaning, if I'm lucky and live to 100, I'm 1/5th of my terminating age. Or, for you technophiles, 20% downloaded to death. Fun thoughts, yes?

HomerSimpson 2003-06-17 11:02

Happy birthday, indeed.

Gustav Sweden 2003-06-17 15:49

20. One step closer to the grave.


citadelle 2003-06-17 17:49

happy birthday:D

Atresica 2003-06-17 18:13

Conspetulations and may there always be soil between your toes!

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