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wacko 2003-09-06 13:34

Twinsunica down...
I don't know what the situtation is, but I sent this to [email address]...


I'm the webmaster of and since about 30 hours ago, it seems all the data on it is missing. Accessing any directory gives me a 403 error. I'm also no longer able to log into FTP, and when going to the SQL manager all the data is missing.

Could you please tell me what's going on here? One of the sites stored on there has been worked on by many people for hundreds of hours in total; it would be an outrage if this site turned out to be deleted. You could have at least warned me, and given me a few days to move this website.

I would be really happy to hear if this is just temporary (moving data to other servers?) or if you would at least provide me with recent backups.

Thank you very much in advance for looking into this problem.

Awaiting your kind response,

~Bauke Karel
I haven't made backups in months, so practically all data would be lost if they can't help... :o

morshem 2003-09-06 12:37


*crosses fingers*

Darkflame 2003-09-06 13:00

Double cross them, the RMP Depot has been down the last few days too :(

/me starts looking for a good lawyer.

ChaosFish 2003-09-06 13:04

crap... we do have all of the acticles in the twinsunica thread at least, no?

morshem 2003-09-06 13:06

Yes, luckily... I used some of them when accidentally deleting some values...

However, the editings of the articles were saved nowhere but in the Twinsunica....

Anyway, I suggest an immediate back-up as soon as we get back online... If we do, that is.....

D`Sparil 2003-09-06 17:24

Truly disheartening. I never thought that the Twinsunica could be lost for good. All that hard work. :( Even if we use the thread, it'll still take a while to get everything back to the way it was, and it probably won't even be at 100%.

Firephoenix 2003-09-06 21:26

:eek: :eek: :eek: my ftps, WTF !!!

ARGH, too risky not to make backups, if it's a hdd crash or something like that it may hurt >_<. But all my ftps are dead as well, so it must be a bigger problem, something around connections or software, and they must still have the datas or backups of them somewhere.

Hum Bu's temple is dead as well (did you notice the phpmyadmin/mysql system still worked ?), but I'm a backup maniac so I've got about 7 recent versions of it.

wacko 2003-09-07 02:40


Originally posted by Firephoenix
did you notice the phpmyadmin/mysql system still worked ?)
Yes, but the data is missing..

I checked three sites that are down, but they're all on different servers.. so it can't be that just one server died, or something. Unless they're all linked to a central server for data storage.

Darkflame 2003-09-07 16:57


Originally posted by Firephoenix
but I'm a backup maniac so I've got about 7 recent versions of it.

three chears that man! :p

morshem 2003-09-12 13:01


Absolutely no data was lost! I feel like dancing now!
*off to write some more articles*

ChaosFish 2003-09-12 13:19


*wacko dances the samba* :p

Remember to keep backups now :eek:

morshem 2003-09-12 15:45

: |

Looks like the site is down again now... :-/

Well, probably just some temp problem, as we are back online now :) . Well, I won't be surprised if we see some more problems like these in the coming days...

edit 2:
Well, the Twinsunica does work now, but extremely slowly...

Firephoenix 2003-09-12 19:01 seems to have problems now because they have too many users for their installations, hope it'll change from now on.

Actually ONLY my site was down, I've even thought that had detected how much I overused their webspace providing and deleted my account......but it's ok it seems, low bandwidth but no data loss :cool:

PS : I immediately backup Twinsunica, it's not that I dont trust people but... :D

Darkflame 2003-09-12 21:18

back up is always good.

wacko 2003-09-14 21:15

I made a backup just now.
Only 1.12 MB, but very delicate :).

I'm glad it's "fixed".

Firephoenix 2003-09-14 22:30

1.12 Mo ? The mysql database, that's may have some more things to know concerning the art of backups :D
If you one day need the 98 left Mo of your site, just pm me ;)

wacko 2003-09-15 20:19

Yeah, the files were backed up ofcourse, it's even a mirror straight from my hdd. It's the database contents I was concerned about.

wacko 2003-09-15 21:28

Well, the stats page ( are also working again and updated daily as before. Everything should be up and running again.
I'm really glad the data for the Twinsunica and ofcourse the RMP weren't missing after all :)

Lucifer 2003-09-18 22:03

Erm... the twinsunica seems to be down again... I get the 'forbidden' error again.

ChaosFish 2003-09-18 22:08

Indeed. :mad:

Firephoenix 2003-09-19 07:22

Arhhhh shit.....

Nothing to do except waiting it seems......

morshem 2003-09-19 10:57


I'm much less worried than before though, because I know there is a back up :) .

wacko 2003-09-19 19:31

Bleh, inconvenient. But indeed: backup is safe.

Boo 2003-09-20 05:32

I hope it gets back up soon!

morshem 2003-09-22 16:07

Hey, now instead of the "you are not authorized to view this page", I get the message "the page cannot be find".

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