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Koypiout 2004-06-05 01:53

Trium Planeta NEWS 5th JUNE 2004
I got news from Fredrick Raynal ! Unfortunately, the short-term future isn't bright. He said that the development of TP is getting on quite well but that the game is now very far from being “LBA-like” (in his own words). He said this was due to its console-oriented development.

He also said he recently visited a few LBA related forums and websites and got emotionally touched. Finally he thanked all of us (I contacted him on behalf of the forum).

The spiritual follow-up to LBA may not be TP but maybe that’s for the better… maybe one day the one and only LBA3 will come !

ChaosFish 2004-06-05 02:02

Can you post the complete email message? :)

Koypiout 2004-06-05 02:30

Here it is ! It's in French unfortunately. French speaking people will feel that he was emotional when writing...

Bonjour Daniel,

Merci beaucoup pour votre support pendant ces nombreuses années.
TP avance bien mais s'est beaucoup éloigné d'un LBA like, console oblige.

J'ai récemment revisité plusieurs sites et forums sur LBA qui m'ont touchés. Depuis je n'arrête pas d'y penser...

Merci à tous,
A bientôt,

Darkflame 2004-06-05 06:47

Well, the hint was it being a platform game :D

Nah, im not dissapointed at all because i didnt expect it too be LBA like.
At least, not in gameplay.
I do feel the "universe" of the game and purhapes the style will have a few things in common.

But the most important thing is its made by a team we know produces original, quality titles.
Fred played a major role in computer games we play today, so i sure hope he is getting the support he deserves.

Finaly i pray it comes out on all formats its possible to come out on.
Exclusivity deals too one console dosnt really work well unless its an established brand. (even the tempory PS2 exclusivity of Beyond Good & Evil hurt its sales)

So, lets hope for PS2, Gamecube, Xbox versions....heck, maybe even the Nintendo Dual Screen version at some point :D
The wider the choice of formats the bigger the fanbase and the more sales their will be :)

Axx 2004-06-05 07:58

Hello Daniel,
Thank you very much for your support during these many years. TP's production is advancing well, but moved away much from being like LBA, being a console production. I recently revisited several sites and forums on LBA which touched me. Since I do not stop thinking of it...
Thank you all,
A soon,

Ive translated it, and it was edited to clear the meaning. However if the French here have a better translation, please share it with me.
Im happy to see people take an interest in finding out stuff on their own.
Koypiot, what e-mail did you use to cantact him (please dont give out the address though, never without freds permision) fr-toys e-mail, of the private one?

Regards Axx

Golemboy 2004-06-05 13:25

sweet muter of god news. well, im off to sacrifice ten black rams who have never been worked to my gods in thanx. c ya

ChaosFish 2004-06-05 15:08

Sweet mother of dude... finally news!

Any news is are good news. Except really bad ones.

xesf 2004-06-05 15:20

Good news Koypiout ;)

Sarki 2004-06-05 15:24

Also, I've just saw that the Game Designer Job at F4-Toys has been taken by somebody at the French Video Game Agency :D
They're always looking for Graphists & 3D Animators...

D`Sparil 2004-06-06 09:10

This is quite good news indeed. Which such intermittent news, any word of development is superb. Nice job, Koypiout. Perhaps when he talks about moving away from an LBA-like game he's talking about the mechanics (modes and so on).

Vultures 2004-06-06 11:45

Great job Koypiout ! You're french ?

Big Man 2004-06-06 21:12

Good news at last. :cool:

ellimac 2004-06-07 01:25


Originally Posted by Vultures
Great job Koypiout ! You're french ?

he's from belgium! hail!
btw vultures you finally dropped out that ugly PSG avatar...? |)

Koypiout 2004-06-13 04:16

I live in Belgium (right next to France) and I speak French (as opposed to Dutch or German which are the other two languages spoken here). You might think I'm new to this forum but in fact I have been consulting it for years ! It just amazes me to see so many people (that's me included) keeping interest in such an old game ! I have been an LBA fan since 1994 (I even anticipated the release of the first opus) and I have waited for LBA3 for sooo long... I wonder if it will ever come out. Frederick Raynal said he would unveil the ending of the trilogy the day he was sure the third part would never be made, let's hope this day doesn't come !

hobmoblin 2004-06-13 14:57

I think this is great news!! Maybe if Fred gets time he could visit the MBN and give us an update, it makes me think of spirits possesing someone to communicate to the people, as koy said, lets hope this day doesn't come!!!! (the day the third part will never be made)

Vultures 2004-06-13 15:29


Originally Posted by T@!!&$
We have lot of translaters on the net today, you can use them to write in French :).

Translaters on the net today translate text in french very BADLY !!!!!
You see the difference when someone had used a translater or not...


Originally Posted by ellimac
btw vultures you finally dropped out that ugly PSG avatar...?

I wanted to put back my first avatar on this forum, and my psg avatar was great and beautiful and not ugly as marseille's one that didn't win the cup of France, are 7 ou 8th in the championship...

bombardier-orcy 2004-06-13 16:30

Why is'nt there just one screenshot or trailer?
And that while the game is near hes release...

hobmoblin 2004-06-13 17:41

i read somewhere on this forum that he likes to keep everything secret about his games right up until the release

Darkflame 2004-06-13 17:59

Probably the release of media is upto the publisher, so thats why they are holding back for the moment.

Golemboy 2004-06-13 21:00

yes, a very anoying habit. and when he says moving away from lba, i think he means in the styl and feel of the game (and im not suprised) as its on console and this makes it very diferent

Nieniepaninii 2004-06-13 22:31

this is great news, but if i understand this right the game will first come out for the Xbox??

I am really curious how this game is gonne look. But there is still no release date? And do they got a publisher in the meanwhile?

this rocks :D

Bolot 2004-06-22 20:49

It's great news.But I think,TP'll be realized only in 2005

Lupin 2004-06-22 21:00

i don't expect much about TP. I hope fred will decide one day to make lba3.
i hope this day will not be far from today... but i'm confident. Fred is a good guy...

S.O.D. 2004-06-23 18:52

I'm not expecting much about TP either, but if lba3 will be ever created depends in big part of the success of TP, so I hope it to be a good selling game so we can finally have lba3

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