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Mannesh 2001-04-13 22:14

I know a LBA webpage what's got info on enimes "sendell's well" you can ask the person who own's it if your aloud that info or if he want to join this section.

PS.If your short of members I'll join, just tell me what to do or what info I need to find on LBA and me and my friend can get it.

elmuerte 2001-04-14 13:22

we are more short of a manager (or arent we ?)

Gustav Sweden 2001-04-14 13:46

I wanted to be manager but someone said that we shouldn't have any manager and someone said that I should be..

Mannesh: The one who owns the site is Kieron the starter of this project but it was a long time since he was here..

{}ghost{} 2001-04-14 16:03

lol.. :I

I think we do need more members

D`Sparil 2001-04-18 17:53

Hey guys,

What is this? I want to join but I don't understand exactly what I'd have to do.

{}ghost{} 2001-04-18 18:27

Make it "Show Threads from: (option) All Threads"
and then you can read what this section is all about :)

Hey, Welcome to the forum :cool:

nights000 2001-05-12 20:11

hey there!
can i join:)

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