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ChaosFish 2005-06-17 19:20

Merry Merry Sprail!
Birthday birthday D`Sparil!!

morshem 2005-06-17 23:02

Chaos, enough with that. You need to understand that inactive members aren't here to see their bithday thread...

Well, HB anyway...

ChaosFish 2005-06-17 23:31

Ehm: ?

He is still visiting.

[edit] And he also has a cool user id :p

[edit 2] fixed a little mistake..

morshem 2005-06-18 05:41

Ehm: ?

His last post was more than 3 months ago, and before that almost a year ago.

ChaosFish 2005-06-18 12:26

Arg "Last Activity: Yesterday 08:19"

morshem 2005-06-18 15:09

Yeah, I've noticed that. This doesn't mean anything though.

ChaosFish 2005-06-18 16:36

That means he still visits..?

D`Sparil 2005-06-19 08:52

Thank you very much, everyone. And yes, ChaosFish, I still visit. I didn't know that people noticed I was gone. From the bottom of my heart, I love LBA and no matter how old I am, I'll always be hoping for LBA3 to come out and will always be keeping a pulse on the community. I read the news threads and check twinadv often. And I always check to see if anyone has written anything more for the Encyclopedia Twinsunica. While things look bleak, I still hope that someday we'll get some good news and hear that LBA3 is in development. Thank you again for your happy birthdays. I always check them.

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