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Guitar 2003-01-13 18:05

A little bit Ideas
I've got some ideas to help DeViking a bit.

Why we not building a entire Island, like the Hamilayi and Citadel Island. Once you started a new game you start in Proxima Island, where ask some people, some of that people want to race with and when you defeated them all you go to CI, on a Island where is a cup you get in a foyer, every level in that foyer has his own play mode, when you win a secret mode, you can select each time when you want to replay the level one of the secret modes. Characters you can select in the Main-menu when you start a new game.

You may hate my idea, but I really appricieated if like it.

Lucifer 2003-01-13 19:00

Hmm I don't understand all of your idea.

We had already thought of driving around an island and talk to people, which might set you on a quest to do something (deliver something or so) or just race against him.

There will sure be some system with unlocking levels (maybe islands indeed).

Sorry, the rest I do not really understand. :)

DeVKiNG himself will probably not post here for a short time, but I will contact him about this.

Darkflame 2003-01-13 20:13

Basicaly Diddy Kong Racing Style.
That did it best, and its perfect method for an LBA game.

thehen 2003-01-13 20:55

Shouldnt the levels be entirely redesigned as to suit a racing game? Though with landmarks and in the style of the areas they were based on?

The islands suit an adventure game but not a racing game...

DeVKiNG 2003-01-13 21:14

you got very good point, thehen, cuz LBA1 doesn't exactly lend itself for racing game, but LBA2 is pretty good for it, but i've found some really cool (well, i'll hope you'll find it cool) extra's, and not just racing on land, that's all i'll tell... -for now-

Darkflame 2003-01-14 01:21

Well Diddy kong has Cars, Planes and Hover Craft...we could do LBA versions of equivlent vechiles.
The islands should be identical in my view.
That is, the landscape.
Just imagine it as if the Twinsunians decided to set up a race track on each island, so they would make the track, move a few objects out the way, weave it in between existing buildings.

They wouldn't go ripping down buildings, making big changes to the landscape.

Double-J 2003-01-14 01:55

This project could do well by looking (very basically) at Sonic R. ;)

kaderoboy 2003-01-14 16:32

Indeed, like thehen said, the landscape should be very similar, with matching landscapes etc, but not completely the same, you could move certain objects out of the way, like DF said. I think the White Leaf Desert would make a great place for a racetrack :p

DeVKiNG 2003-01-14 21:24

ofcourse it won't be a totally diferent landscape, but some objects, like statues, flowers and benches could be missing, also, it just isn't possible to race 'normally' on every island, but i've found something on that.
and the SP-mode will be some kind of quest-mode, and in the Multiplayer you will be able to play all the unlocked maps and vehicles ( and maybe even over the internet)

Axx 2003-01-15 00:35

hmm... now if you want to know somthing, fred spends months thinking out everything, if anyone thinks it ill take a few moments, ure in for a bad one:-/
i suggest someone with art skills spend some time on making the tracks, another person draw the carts, after that when weve got that done, we think up weapons? game features, but please, were all not experienced, so dont aim for impossible things

Darkflame 2003-01-15 04:00

Ideas (some nicked from diddy kong)

*Items hidden on the track, but in order to "collect" them, you have to drive though them and finnish the race in a qualifying position.
Items would mainly Car/Vechile upgrades.
That way your vechile gets better as you progress in the game.

*Make it as non-liner as possible.
ie. If your having trouble with a track, you can go back to an earlier race to try to get some vechile upgrades.
These would help you in the race :)

*You get special mission races.
ie. Collect 5 parts of an invention Buldion droped, and finnish the race in a qualifiying positon.
Shot funfrock 10 times with missles and finnish the race in a qualifying postion.
You have to race backwards while everyone else is going the correct way around.
Tag race, you gota catch upto and touch the person with the "tag" 5 times.
(each time the tag moves to a different vechile)

(Ive got more ideas for mission races, just ask....)

*Lots of secret routes.

*Have the tracks vary slightly at different times of the day.
This could be as simple as lighting effects (like in my LBAball :) )
or with special bits only avaible at certain times.

Dosn't need to be high-tech graphics, but by having different weather conditions would make the same track feel different even if your doing it again.
(Sun,Snow,Rain would do...combined with day/night that gives a lot of nice variations on a single track!)

DeVKiNG 2003-01-15 18:32

who wants to help with the script? (only creative people, and not too many, cuz then you'll all know the secrets;))

just mail me @ [email address] (also MSN)

Axx 2003-01-15 19:50


Originally posted by DeVKiNG
who wants to help with the script? (only creative people, and not too many, cuz then you'll all know the secrets;))

just mail me @ [email address] (also MSN)

Fucking hell... ME!!!!!!!! i am creative, you only have to read my ideas on what i imagine lba3 to be like, or read my version of agartha..(sorry that one is 30 pages long:P)

punkflare 2003-01-21 19:18

Can someone list the needed models so i can actually make some please.
thanks im off now bye.

DeVKiNG 2003-01-21 20:26

you have msn or irc???

punkflare 2003-01-21 22:34

i use msn messenger you?

punkflare 2003-01-21 23:22

1 Attachment(s)
Ive made a very low poly sphero and im going to make a twinsen style car but a different colour and a few adjustments,does this need more poly's?

Axx 2003-01-21 23:32


Originally posted by punkflare
Ive made a very low poly sphero and im going to make a twinsen style car but a different colour and a few adjustments,does this need more poly's?
Well, i think, to be very honest, you need to sharpen up your skills, the sphero was pretty good visualization, but it contains way to many seams, and it isnt very graphical attentive. When a person models charechters what he must keep in mind is "how will he be animated" "will seams appear?" "can he be txtured correctly" Anyway its very early'
You wanna know somthing, i never really really paid attention to my skills till a professional simply went out straight saying my work was crap, now i can happily work extremely well at construction, and within a week or 2 i will present a very very well modelled face, with permission of the company i am making it for (so they can employ me)

DeVKiNG 2003-01-22 19:18

how much poly's? cuz if there will be a spero in the game, it will (prolly) be at the background, so it should have almost the same poly-count as high-poly objects, but i like it

punkflare 2003-01-22 22:24

1 Attachment(s)
here is another one i made, and the rest of ym model arent that bad im just crap at low poly stuff as that is the 1st low polly model ive ever made but this is my 2nd so see if its better...

thehen 2003-01-23 12:33

The car is cool, if slightly un lba-ish and the sphero needs to be done by box modelling not lots of spheres put together, and the head was the only thing that needed a higher-poly count not the arms.

Remember if its in the car, a distance from the screen then it looks fine.

The cars wheels also look like they are too high-poly.

Punkflare also has no image editing software like photoshop or paint shop pro so he cant make textures for his models.

punkflare 2003-01-23 18:22

1 Attachment(s)
ok my models sucked but tell me what to model or sketch and ill do it and theres is a racing cirtiut on desert island i could model than, sketch it and the same with the racing man and would the track have to be very low poly too?


DeVKiNG 2003-01-24 18:24

can't use your model PF, but it looks good

if you want some modelling-work, just mail me (

Assassin 2003-01-24 22:19

1 Attachment(s)
I just made the esmer shuttle.
The front window might not be perfect yet but I can fix that in a few minutes. Tell me what you think.

DeVKiNG 2003-01-24 22:22

very good, maybe some more detailed textures, cause now it looks 100 % like the game, but the game is several years old... But the model itself is quite cool!!! (Not sure if it wil be useful in LBRA, maybe a movie ???)

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