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Rustyw 2003-01-24 23:24

Voices w/ D-J?
hey i already e-mailed lucifer about this but i could help Double-J with the voices and stuff (hehe) because i think this project is really going somewhere :)

Here are my credentials...

3+ years of acting
1 year of improv comedy

plus, i have high-definition recording equiptment (Double-J prolly does too, if he's in radio) lying around at home (my dad worked for CBS :D he won some emmies, too! for young + restless, price is right, other stuff) so i can record at home, even encode in mp3 or whatever.

Lucifer 2003-01-24 23:37

E-mailed me? Are you sure it wasn't DeVKiNG? Well, you can join the team, but we won't need voice acting for now.

Rustyw 2003-01-24 23:40

yay! im on the team!!

just call me if u need me though ;) , i can try some 2d models if u wanna get me busy :D

McKay 2003-01-25 00:04

I could do voices to

Rustyw 2003-01-25 00:39

yeah! the credits would read:

The Trio of Impending Doom

Double-J 2003-01-25 01:33

Well, I've got 2 years radio experience
2 yrs sports play by play
and I've done a shitload of choir and musical stuff

But I don't have access to that kind of equipment like Rusty, just my PC microphone, we don't have the right stuff at school...

So perhaps rusty, depending on the workload, would be best for the job.

As FP can attest, my samples are available on the RMP. ;)

Rustyw 2003-01-25 04:23

aw, poop! well, what if someone is talking thru a megaphone! d-j's crappy pc mic will give it the "megaphone crap quality" feel! eh?

Double-J 2003-01-26 01:56

My PC mic isn't that crappy, if you listen to the RMP demos...

DeVKiNG 2003-01-26 09:49

no, only your voice is (;) j/k)

Double-J 2003-01-26 16:07

You really want my help, don't you? :p

BusyBee 2007-01-07 20:32

OK everyone, I need some voice actors, who ever thinks they wiull be up for it Please say!

morshem 2007-01-07 23:24

Why do you need voice acting in a racing game?

BusyBee 2007-01-08 00:12

Because there is going to be cut scenes, theres a story to it lol :p

Double-J 2007-01-08 00:22

Since I've already been recruited, I suppose I can still lend my voice (plus, it will be consistency, since I'm already in other fan projects for voices :D). Let me know what you need.

Battler 2007-01-08 00:26

- BusyBee: I can provide my voice for this project as well, so feel free to count me in. ;)

BusyBee 2007-01-08 00:37

i'll post sum scripts soon im jsut working on Citadel island, track one.

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