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Benzie101 2015-02-13 04:26

Convert LBA LM1 model files to MDL (source)
"It appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks", try 8 years! :eek:

So I did email xesf (alexfont) about this and he pointed me towards what I'm sure is useful information, but I'm really not that savvy when it comes to programming. Basically what I want to do is convert LBA 1 character models (and hopefully animations) into a more ubiquitous format so that they can be used in Source Film Maker and beyond. I first landed on LBAnimator and found that it could be used to export an AutoCAD (.dxf) file, but when I opened the resutling file I found that this format only contains the model shape and not the rest of the data.

Xesf pointed me to neolbanet where there are a bunch of tools, among which appears to be an LM1 to OSG converter ( which would be a good step in the right direction but, considering my aforementioned lack of programming knowledge, I do not know how to compile this or whether it can be used to convert the character models (it appears they have only used it to convert the holomap).

As for converting the animations to DMX files that would be compatible with the hypothetical eventual MDL files, I haven't even begun thinking about that one!

It would be awesome if we could work this out! :p

Xesf's info about lm1 files:

xesf 2015-02-13 06:37

Yeah, not as active as before. We had brave and great times here, though.

I remember Lupin working on something related to models years ago. I guess he made an exporter as well, but for LBA2. I'm sure it is here somewhere in the forum in the LBA online related topics.

Polaris 2015-02-14 01:16

Or maybe try to contact the main guy behind LBAOnline, Rincevent_123 (he did nearly everything apart from the gui).

xesf 2015-02-16 22:53

You mean LBANet, because LBAOnline was another project that came a little before LBANet :)

Polaris 2015-02-17 10:57

Yes, LBANet, sorry |)'

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