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gravel22 2015-09-08 07:53

Guide for Speedrunning & Streaming on MAC
Hi everyone, I'm making this startup guide for anyone like me who have a mac computer and want to stream their LBA runs or other games on

Well don't listen to the videos on YouTube it sucks, listen to what is written here and you'll be set quickly.

1. Install OBS
OBS is the program you're using to stream on twitch or any other streaming service.

2. Install Sound Siphon
On mac you can't have audio playback while streaming it's one thing at a time so it's a major problem that makes the game unplayable. Hopefully Sound Siphon is the PERFECT software to correct this issue. Download, Install, Reboot, Choose Sound Siphon Out in Sound in system preference and bingo. Don't use Wavtap and Soundflower both of theses software are unreliable and not working correctly on new mac versions. Also they are a pain in the a** to uninstall.

4. Download Llanfair
For the timer there's only one good solution to livesplit that isn't compatible on mac. Hopefully we can thank llanfair that is the perfect solution and I find it looks way better than livesplit.

5. Install Java
Java isn't installed on mac computer like default on windows, you need this in order to llanfair to launch.

6. Tweaks
Customize your twitch layout to have a nice look, subscribe to twitch alerts and download CLR web browser plugin for OBS to make the twitch alerts work on your stream. Then copy your twitch alerts link in CLR in OBS.

That's about it folks everything in here is a good start to get a nice looking and 100% working stream. I had so much trouble with soundflower, wavtap and finding a good timer, hope this will save you time :diploma:

Homeless 2015-09-08 09:15

Great stuff

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