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Phreak 2019-06-25 11:19

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hey guys,

I'm working on an auto-splitter for LBA1. It's far from finished, but I just thought I'd upload the current state of the project if anybody wants to use it. It's configured for the current speedrunning any% route but you're able to change the splits to time any run including 100% :)

I've attached the source code, and just the program.

The program is, full source is the other file :)


Bot13 2019-06-25 22:55

I am not a speedrunner by any means...what is an auto-splitter?

Phreak 2019-06-29 11:19

So when you're speedrunning you time how long it takes you to get from start to finish of the game. Normally you'd have to press a key on your keyboard to time your splits i.e. smaller segments of the overall game. This app takes away having to manually split leaving you free to just concentrate on getting the fastest time ever :)

Phreak 2019-08-02 11:06

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ToDo list

  • Re-write split handling to prevent times being over ridden and note field correctly handled [priority: Very high][Status: Started - preliminary investigation][Requested by: Phreak]
  • Re-write memory handling to properly scan process memory [priority: high][Status: Not Started][Requested by: Phreak]
  • Auto-scroll scrollbar for larger split list [priority: medium][Status: Started - preliminary investigation][Requested by: Phreak]
  • live sum of best [priority: medium][Status: Not Started][Requested by: Phreak]
  • Test save splits mid-run - ?PB [priority: medium][Status: Not Started][Requested by: Phreak]
  • Re-write interface to use a web browser to allow for custom CSS [priority: low][Status: Not Started][Requested by: Phreak]
  • Make LBA2 compatible [priority: low][Status: Started - preliminary investigation][Requested by: Roxer]
  • Add additional split options i.e. item/quest [priority: low][Status: Not Started][Added by: Phreak]
  • Re-write timing to use stopwatch class rather than DateTime for improved accuracy. [priority: low][Status: Not Started][Requested by: Phreak]
  • Add notes field for each split, sepearte notes window updated in real time [priority: low][Status: Started][Requested by: Mike]
  • Remember window size and position [priority: low][Status: Started][Requested by: Phreak, Roixer, Mike]
  • Add auto-disable zoom feature 20190802
  • Add always on top 20190701
  • Decrease precision shown to a tenth of a second20190630 - Now a configurable option
  • Save column width 20190630
  • Finish off split saving/comparison 20190629 Tentatively complete
  • Add loading alternate route files 20190628

Suggestions welcome :)

Thanks to Roxer + Mike for the feedback and test runs

Re-organised list, added some priorities. high/medium/low. Priority is not the order things will get implemented in i.e. quick low priority things will get implemented before high priority complex things

Updated to reflect current state of project. Unfortunately couldn't edit original post. Attached latest build

xesf 2019-08-11 12:26

It's amazing to see progress on the mod front.
Been following your updates on Discord but haven't tested yet. Need to setup this on a windows machine.

I believe this will work with both DotEmu and GOG versions using DosBox, right?

Phreak 2019-08-19 12:29

It's only been tested on the GoG version. If I had a copy of the DotEmu version then who knows. It shouldn't be a "massive" change to be honest to get it working on both.

Actually it definitely doesn't work on the DotEmu version currently as it explicitly uses the DOSBox process. Like I say though I'd suspect tweaking it would be childs play

xesf 2019-08-19 21:54

The dosbox version of DotEmu is basically the same as Gog. The remaster will be different as it is a complete new implementation of the game.

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