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Rex_Hollywood 2004-03-10 20:08

Last movie you've seen
Yes, everytime you see a movie you're required to run here and share your revelation.

I want an eternal thread too :(

Ok, go.

Reek 2004-03-10 20:14

Well, alright....

Wasn't Artificial Intelligence just great?!
i mean, it had such a unique feeling to it.
It was very special and weird, and kind of touching too...
So yeah...i liked it.

wacko 2004-03-10 20:19

Okay, I've got two movies I recently saw;

Love Actually

Maybe it was the mood I was in, but this movie made me artificially happy. Yes it was cheesy and silly, yet left me statisfied.

Lord of the Rings - Return of the King

Saw it for the first time only last weekend. Nice, but...
Spoiler: missed the return to the shire (with Saruman etc, but I heard it will be on the extended DVD), and only one boat went away, while in the book they gradually sail away, even Sam in the end (the last ring bearer).

But I don't think the book --> movie conversions are that bad, it's impossible otherwise, and they did a pretty nice job. Some parts were truly beautiful.

Medur 2004-03-10 20:32

Return of the King.

Neko 2004-03-10 20:38

I believe it was lost in translation.

I went looking true lies in my bedroom but have not seen it till the end because I was more interested in terry pratchet's stuff.

Atresica 2004-03-10 21:03

Fallen... what a shit movie

Don't watch unless you like all characters from the movie dying pointless death.

AI had good parts and really bad parts, they could have skipped the last half hour.

StarmanDX 2004-03-10 21:29

American Splendour. Pretty interesting :)

HomerSimpson 2004-03-10 21:57

Return of the King (cinema)
Pretty cool, especially the fighting, of course.

True Lies (again, it was on Dutch TV a few days ago).
Not THAT great, but he! it has Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tia Carrere, so...

Darkflame 2004-03-10 21:57

I'll skip this thread for now...i have a load of notepad files with lots of film reviews in them. Bit too big to post here though.
(l always try to write about a film after i see it for the first time)

A_LIPSTICK 2004-03-10 22:30

I forgot. No that ain't a movie I just forgot ^_^

Lord_of_2_suns 2004-03-10 23:42

Pirates of the Caribbean

citadelle 2004-03-11 00:49

Last film I saw at the cinema was The Passion of the Christ, there's a whole thread devoted to it so i won't sum it up again (ther than the fact that it was really very good).

Last film I just sat down and watched...umm...i think it may have been Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. IJ pwns.

morshem 2004-03-11 06:37

Eh... remind me what a movie is?

Lightwing 2004-03-11 06:57

The Last Samurai!

Tis a bad-ass kick-ass movie!

lembo 2004-03-11 07:09

just watched Battle Royale again :D Love that film....:) and then before that.......labyrinth :o

not sure what the last film i saw at the cinema was, possibly Lost In Translation, which was........okay. Not as good as i was expecting it to be though unfortunately.

Lightwing 2004-03-11 07:17

Battle Royal sucks.

No offense, but it does.

*kills it*

bunnyrabbot02 2004-03-11 11:36

I saw Finding Nemo on a region 1 DVD yesterday that I got with my mail, and there's a lot of extras to explore.
I think that AI is great too, but it drags out too long in the ending :grobo:

johnnybrubacker 2004-03-11 11:59

i watched this movie called tetsuo, its very weird

Rex_Hollywood 2004-03-11 13:34

Last movie at the cinema: The Butterfly Effect
It was quite good, I really enjoyed it.

Last movie at home: Requiem for a Dream
Good, but disturbing.

And I downloaded Passion of the Christ to see what's all the fuss about, but then I realized all this religion stuff doesn't really interest me, so I deleted it.

wacko 2004-03-11 19:21


Originally Posted by Lightwing
Battle Royal sucks.

No offense, but it does.

*kills it*

Hmm. I quite liked it, and I've appreciated it even more recently.
Battle Royale 2, now that's a movie that sucks.

Ah yes, just remembered I saw Zatoichi a few weeks ago. Great movie featuring and written/directed by the same dude from Battle Royale (Takeshi Kitano; he played the badass teacher in BR (which was a GREAT role, one of my favourite movie characters)). It's a really weird but funny movie that even has a semi-interesting plot (although it all seems one big parody to 'great plot twists' in movies). What makes the movie great is the strange music/screen combinations, for example one group of villagers always do their work while making nice rhythmic sounds (like plowing their lands, or building a house). A big eyewink to classic Japanese drums. The humour is kinda dodgy and weird for us westerns I suppose, but if you're open for it (and some girls on the row behind you keep on giggling) it's really funny :)

(Sorry for (the) large amount (of subsentences (in the above post)).)

wacko 2004-03-16 02:45

I saw Lost in Translation last, er, friday or saturday night I think. Liked it, but expected more. The IMDb plot outline really fits here (unlike for example Donnie Darko's one): "Two Americans meet and spend a wonderful week in Tokyo." So basically they feel lonely and outcasted because Japan is so weird to them (the movie is rigged with weird funny Japanese things), meet eachother, and have fun. That's all, but it's still pretty interesting for character interaction and the dramatic setting (the theme of "loneliness" is really well filmed).

Random film I saw some weeks ago but will tell about it anyway because this thread is so new: Go-Con: Japanese Love Culture.
I found the following plot outline / user comment on IMDb and have little to add:

Quirky, truly Japanese film that's a little feel-good, funny, and ultimately satisfying. The entire movie is pretty well shot on three sets -- a restaurant table where four guys try to crack onto an endless procession of Japanese girls of varying types, the restaurant kitchen where the cooks bet on who's going to end up with who, and the bathrooms where the characters relieve themselves/take drugs/have sex/get bashed up. The Japanese actresses are stunning, the guys prove that guys are guys all over the world. Interesting sound and vision in the first part of the film where it's unsynchronized.
I thought the movie was really funny, yet quite shallow. It tries to teach a good lesson to the viewer, which doesn't has to be bad, but it was really obvious in this case. That seems to happen more often with Asian movies. The ending made me yawn, but overall it's a nice movie to watch in between.

Come on people, this is a nice thread :(

Rex_Hollywood 2004-03-16 12:10

I haven't watched any other movie yet, but I should watch Lost in Translation and Elephant some time soon.

thursday 2004-03-16 14:08

last film... not sure,but most likely to be blood surf or enter the ninja, kind of cult classics among my small circle of friends. or was it the sonic movie??? really not sure, ill post next time i watch one.

Double-J 2004-03-17 04:45

The Passion of the Christ. Simply amazing and heart-wrenching.

Gustav Sweden 2004-03-17 17:11

I hear its dangerous to watch that movie :) Perhaps one should do it, dont know if it has been shown here in this dull country yet, though.

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