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Medur 2003-01-26 20:40

Cidade de Deus (City of God)
This may sound a little silly, but to the hell with sillyness.
As a patriot and a very annoying person, I feel myself in the obligation to do some propraganda and sponsoring for the latest superproduction movie from my country, Cidade de Deus.
For you that have always being bored and annoyed by Medur, that´s always talking to you about the poverty and suffering and bla bla bla of his country, it´s a chance to see it in full-color, high quality and many dirty words.
Cidade de Deus is an excellent movie, with great reviews, winner of the Cannes festival, and that´s doing many success (for a foreign movie) everywhere. It goes in Rio, the so famous urban-war tropical paradise. It covers everything I said in mIRC and in the forum, basically. I´m just tellying you that you should see it, it´s already out in the US, UK, Germany and other european countries probably, I suppose in a medium of 30/300 theaters in each country, so probably easy to see in the metropolis.
Even if you don´t give a damn about social situations, the problems of the world/third-world or anything, I suggest you to see it because it´s a great action movie, and will probably entertain you with no regret for something like 2 hours.
I´m not sure if the younger ones can see it, since it was rated with strong brutal violence, sexuality, drug content and language.
It´s nice, however.
Here´s the IMDb review...
And the trailer (haven´t seem it yet)
I would really feel very happy if anyone watched it, or at least posetd something like "Okay dude" in this thread and didn´t let it die of boredom in 5 minutes.
Thank you for your attention.

Panda 2003-01-26 20:43

Cool I may see it, as in geogrpahy we learn a lot about Brazil. Cheers for the info, Medur. :)

Rex_Hollywood 2003-01-26 20:58

Hmm...I think you told me about it once...

Medur 2003-01-26 22:22

By the way, the trailer sucks, don´t take it in consideration.

Double-J 2003-01-27 05:46

I remember this, didn't it win a Golden Globe or something?

Atresica 2003-01-27 11:49

Well, I was thinking of seeing it anyway, so no sweat Medur :p

Reek 2018-06-18 13:18

Can confirm, awesome movie

SpaceGuitarist 2018-06-18 17:35

It's good, yeah.

(not my favorite topic to watch on a film...
there are cooler things going on in Brasil other than poverty (and soccer) which get so much attention from the rest of the world...

(where the hell is Medur nowadays??)

Medur 2018-06-23 15:11


Originally Posted by SpaceGuitarist (Post 457833)
(where the hell is Medur nowadays??)

I still lurk occasionally.

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