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Mirage 2001-07-28 00:53

Ideas about a new game...
Hey guys,

Here's the deal. I'm bored, so im making a game. The core engine is already made. It's web based, runs on zope/python, and its an RPG. I'm currently thinking of a theme for this game, and being an LBA fan myself, i'm concidering making it LBAish. The only things that are certain that the game is muiltiplayer and that it is an RPG. This doesn't mean that it can't be less RPG than regular RPGs and more like LBA. Note that heavy graphics in this game are basically eliminated, so it wont remotely be the next LBA game, but here's what i've got so far, and please excuse the ugly web-design. I'm going to fix that in the next few days. Thanks for reading.

Oh and of course the URL is:
and feel free to give feedback and bug reports ;)

Audio_Energy01 2001-07-28 01:00

Well, Mirage. I am ALSO creating a LBA game. It is on GRAAL, it is called "L Project B Twinsun". Here is the URL:

Mirage 2001-07-28 01:08

cool ;)
do you have programmers on your team? what's it coded in? have you got anything done? the URL you gave me seems to return a broken link

Audio_Energy01 2001-07-28 05:09

I have to check that out.

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