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stripe 2001-07-10 17:57

Clover boxes
I'm replaying LBA2, and since I only got 7 or 8 the first time around, I'm wondering if someone could give me a list of how many I'm supposed to have by certain parts in the game. I don't want people to tell me where they are, just to help me make sure I don't miss any. eg... "you should have 5 before you leave emerald moon."


{}ghost{} 2001-07-10 18:37

I only found 9, in all the times i ever played the game but I know where the 10th one is and its a bug :rolleyes: ok then here goes, just let me remember where they are all..
ok i got 'em all:

[Edit]: Stripe those hints might be too helpful, its not telling but I'm not sure you wanted it that way, just stop reading if its too much, sorry about that..

in case you would want it in your way:
[list][*]You can have 7 before leaving the moon[*]You can have 3 before trying to become a wizard[*]You can have 5 before becoming a wizard[*]You can have 2 (which you start with) before you leave Citadel island the first time[*]You can have 9 before reaching the Mosquibee's island[*]You can have 10 before going back to the surface of Zeelich

Glad to help

  • You start with 2, no way you missed that ;)
  • There are 3 (including that "bug" one) in the Undergas
  • There is one on the moon
  • There is one REALLY CLOSE to Sendell's ball
  • There are 2 turtles who helps you in the game, one of them would bring you to 1 box :)
  • You should leave the moon when you have 7 Boxes
  • There are no Boxes on the surface of Zeelich
  • Did you notice anything special on the Wannie's island? There are two boxes there, at the same place, that's actually the bug, you can get one before you leave to other islands and one after.
  • Mostly, the Boxes wouldnt be at place you HAVE to go to. On the moon there is only 1 part you dont have to go to.. Not hinting anything.. :)
  • There are 2 on Twinsun on islands which no ship could take you to.
  • To get to one of those islands you need to be a bit tricky
  • Ever tried to look from that telescope on Citadel close to the hills? You would see the lighthouse. Try to speak with that Vespa-guy before and after looking.. Its related to the trick in the last hint ;)
  • There is one which you find easily because you have to go there, just talk with that Mosquibee who is guarding the Mosquibee's piece of fragemant and he would tell you where to go :)
  • Last one to hint on, is also a bit tricky to get to, in a place a bit tricky itself, and you 100% been to this place, otherwise you wouldn't be able to get out of Twinsun, because without your clothes nobody would ask you to come to Zeelich, and to get your clothes you need to be a Wizard.. Complete the rest yourself :)

That's it lol good luck :)

I'll try to get pictures later in case you get tired of trying to find them :D

[/{}ghost{}] :cool:

wacko 2001-07-10 21:36

I think I've got nothing to add to this :) but I've never been a real box-hunter to be honest.

stripe 2001-07-11 03:40

Thanks for your post, ghost. The edited part was exactly what I wanted. :D

Now back to LBA2!


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