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Gustav Sweden 2003-08-27 17:28

I'm old!
Hey, I'm old here!
Some of you might know me.

The rumours are right, I am not Star's brother!

*death threat*

Reek 2003-08-27 17:40

You son of a bitch!

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

Gustav Sweden 2003-08-27 17:44

Adolf Stalin, pilot. He is better than yours?

morshem 2003-08-27 19:47

How about changing your title to "I'm old and posted a lot"? :p

A_LIPSTICK 2003-08-27 20:32


Kingpin 2003-08-28 04:55


Originally posted by Gustav Sweden
Adolf Stalin, pilot. He is better than yours?
sounds familiar

are u by any way related to josef hitler?

Gustav Sweden 2003-08-28 23:25

Yes, he is my husband and brother.

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