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W0MB13 2009-06-11 03:19

The Longest Journey + Dreamfall appreciation thread.
I'm currently playing The Longest Journey for the first time, after having played Dreamfall a year or so ago, and I loved it. I love the story and everything else about these two games.

Use this thread to post any quotable moments or particular comments or thoughts you have about either game. ;)

ChaosFish 2009-06-11 14:05

The Longest Journey was infinitely better than Dreamfall. Dreamfall was beautiful visually, but there was something about it that made me think it's made for a younger and dumber audience. Still, it was really fun.

elmuerte 2009-06-11 18:27

Dreamfall was a piece of shit.
TLJ was great

Darkflame 2009-06-12 16:21

Havnt played Dreamfall yet, but loved The Longest Journey;
(quite a long review of it)

I think they should do a fairly cheap remake and re-release on Wii/DS/PC.
(just up the polygon counts on April, and re-do the 3D cutscenes scenes really)

If it was marketed right I think it could sale quite well as a DS game. Professor Layton sold extremely well in europe, I think TLJ would be a nice game for those new players to step onto.

Lightwing 2009-06-15 07:48

Three reasons why Dreamfall went South:

1. Funcom tried to force their developers into creating a game that appealed to the Action players (hense poor addition of Stealth and godawful kickboxing).

2. Longest Journey had to try very hard to prove itself as a new franchise. Dreamfall rode off of the waves made by the first (Game of the Year). Dreamfall had 5 cutscenes in between each puzzle. That's how little work they put into level designs.

3. Ragnar Tornquist withdrew social satire and the fairytale atmosphere, two elements that made his fantasy world unique, and substituted them with a D&D fantasy soap opera. It's not that he didn't try. He tried to make the best Teen Fantasy soap opera he could.

ChaosFish 2009-06-15 14:35

1. Nothing wrong with some action. If you only focus on those problem solving braincells, the other braincells would begin to die. The fact they made the action godawful is their own fault.

2. Yeah. Dreamfall was like an interactive movie, not really game-like.

3. Ew, the little ghost girl was horrible and so cliche. Plus her name was Faith. I hate it when girls in fiction are named Faith, it makes me wanna puke. And yeah, I hated Zoe, she was so dumb and nothing like the witty April.

Anyway, it was still a very fun game. You can't say Ragnar sucks just because didn't live up again to the standards he himself set up. Give the dude another chance.

elmuerte 2009-06-15 21:14

not much interaction in that interactive movie called Dreamfall, it was hardly more than "press button to continue"

Darkflame 2016-05-12 22:41

Bunnyrabbit - Traditionally if one bumps a thread it is to say something about that topic.
Have you recently played one of these games?
Did you like it?

Bot13 2016-05-13 07:21

I actually played both the Longest Journey and Dreamfall. They are basically two entirely different games in all regards apart from some overlap in narrative/locations.
Calling Dreamfall a piece of shit though? Absolutely not! There's some amazing visuals, caharacters and storytelling in there.

Darkflame 2016-05-13 14:38

This thread might be relevant again as the 3rd in the series is out. Or, like 4/5th out, or something.
I have still only played the first though.

Styx 2016-05-13 15:07

Is this a sort of point and click adventure game where you're a girl in some future metropolis-like city? I think I tried it but got stuck and lost interest. Is it worth picking up again and giving it another shot? I think i have it on my ipad.

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