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Battler 2006-11-03 17:29

Post storyline ideas here...
Well... I was thinking a bit, and came to the conclusion that it would actually be very nice to allow the public to contribute a bit to the game's storyline.

I mean, post base ideas for the storyline here, then they will be reviewed, and those which will be accepted, will be also worked further on.

Of course, you'll only get to see which ideas were accepted when playing the game, so to include some surprise elements here.

BTW, when posting those base ideas, please consider that this game is set between LBA 1 and LBA 2.

Also, please, oh please, do NOT post erotic and/or violent stuff. We need all-age ideas. ;)

Kobold 2006-11-03 18:08


Originally Posted by OBrasilo (Post 294137)
Also, please, oh please, do NOT post erotic and/or violent stuff. We need all-age ideas. ;)

Lol. :p

Hey, I accidently clicked on the edit button at your post. I must get more ued to moderator functions. :D

Post! Post!

Lightwing 2006-11-04 21:07

I would strongly recommend, if this hasn't been done already, setting the begining of the game prior to the presidential elections. The player should be involved in somehow arranging the election or do something else while the events are occuring, possibly something that later ties into the plot.

The reason being is that its just part of the LBA style to have a "prologue" set of quests before the real action happens. LBA1 did this too, in a way. The real action of the plot didn't happen until Zoe was captured.

Kobold 2006-11-05 20:42

Note: please don't post storyline ideas here, we've got enough ideas already, and together they are "storyline". :p

If you want to help us with the story, instead use PMs. ;) I guess the storyline like it is on the website and forum description might soon require an update though.

Lightwing - It's yet undeciced when the story should start, but when keeping the prolouge (like it was in LBA 1), we might as well explain that.

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