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Black Spider 2011-01-11 17:02

How LBA3 should be
Hi Guys,

Its been a reaaaaaaaaally long time that I posted here but just to reassure everyone here: I still think LBA is the best game ever :). (I did visit the site very often only to get disappointed by the lack of LBA 3 news :( )The reason that I am posting now is that last week someone requested some ideas for LBA 3. And for some unknown reason, I started typing everything about LBA 3 that popped into my mind, even though I never thought about the story in this game before. Since I actually liked the ideas that I was writing, i thought, why not post it here to share my thoughts with likeminded persons.

My first ideas were that the game should be played on planet twinsun, and nowhere else. However, twinsun (as we left LBA2) is somewhat like a paradise for twinsen so I thought that we needed to twist that without adding aliens.

Somewhere in the hamalayi mountains is an abandoned factory where suddenly a forgotten teleportation pod is activated. From it, Dr. Funfrock emerges. Twinsen, who was send to this factory, meets funfrock, but instead of fighting, funrock tells him that he is not evil. He explains that he comes from a world where he rules peacefully over twinsun but during a expirimentation of the teleportation pod, he ended up someplace else.
Twinsen is cautious, but begins trusting funfrock after he saves arthur from mortal danger.
Twinsen brings Funfrock to Baldino, and based on the energy signature funfrock emits, Baldino is able to send Funfrock back to his own world.

A few days later the planet twinsun is attacked by various natural disasters. Also, new volcano islands are formed in the seas. At the same time, arthur is getting very ill and strange energy holes appear throughout the planet.
Twinsen sets out to the well of sendell to find awnsers, but after reaching the well, he finds out that nobody is at the location. He eventually winds up at one of the volcano islands and finds a weakened sendell. She explains twinsen that the powers of the stellar entity are being stolen. She also tells twinsen that arthur is linked to these powers and that his illness is a direct effect of the diminising powers (maybe this link can be explained by the fact that arthurs parents were both within the well of sendell before he was born, making arthur special).
Baldino then finds out that the energy holes share the same signature that the good dr. Funfrock had. Using this information, he is able to create a device that enables twinsen to travel to the Twinsun world of Dr. Funfrock.
Twinsen takes Arthur with him in this travel, and arthur immediately shows recovery after they arrive at the other side.
On the other side, we have a new dark world of Twinsun, one that has been ruled by Funfrock for quite a while. Everybody is in hiding, and clones are everywhere.
Twinsen sets out on his quest, and needs to win everybodys trust again. It seemed that in this world, Twinsen and Funfrock entered the well of sendell together at the end of LBA1, and Twinsen and funfrock are in fact allies.
By entering the portal the 'dark' twinsun, twinsen lost all his powers and needs to recollect them by visiting twisted version of the locations from LBA1. Additionally, twinsen needs to solve puzzles by traveling between both worlds.
The game finally ends with the following story explanation:
1) When Dr. Funfrock saved Arthur at the beginning of the game, he collected a sample of him. With this sample, he created a clone of arthur which he hooked up to the genesis machine. Using arthur in this machine, Funfrock was able to extract the powers of the stellar entity to his world. Twinsen eventually saves the cloned arthur and destroys the genesis machine, causing the powers to be endowed upon the real arthur.
2) Twinsen ends the game by fighting the evil twinsen. After the fight, he finds out that the evil twinsen is in fact a clone (a reference can be made here to the cloned twinsen that you encounter in LBA1), and that the real twinsen of this world was captured within fortress island and is also hooked on a genesis machine.
3) Arthur and Funfrock fight each other both with the powers of the stellar entity but are evenly matched (funfrock might even be more powerful). However, after Twinsen destroys the second genesis machine, Arthur is granted the powers of the stellar entity of both worlds.

So this is what I think LBA3 should be like. It should fully contain twinsun both ‘dark’ and ‘light’, and by traveling between these worlds unique gameplay elements can be used. I always thought that the atmosphere of LBA was unique in a way that it looks adorable, but felt oppressive. This theme returned in LBA2, but I really don’t think that adding another strange planet would be a great idea for the LBA universe. I could therefore only think of 2 solutions to explain a dark twinsun, either timetravel or interdimensional travels. I picked the latter because it felt more interesting. What are your thoughts on this storyline?

Polaris 2011-01-12 16:04

A bit complex, if you ask me. One of the good things in LBA is this feeling of realism. I don't think adding something like an interdimensional/time travel would be good. Never the less, I like a lot this "Dark Twinsun" idea, it sounds a bit like a different sequel or a "hard" mode for LBA1. I would love visiting a dark version of the Temple of Bù or the Fortress Island !

Black Spider 2011-01-18 14:29

Why shouldnt interdimensional travel be allowed in a world where alien invaders or teleportation was also possible (in my view teleportation is a form of dimensional travelling)?
I think the idea of other dimensions has been executed well in other games such as a link to the past. It also allows a bit more complex storytelling, by creating a 'what if' world where Funfrock gets what he always wanted in the previous games, without using a retcon.

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