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MBN Bot 2019-12-23 20:12

[Sacred Carrot] LBA Story Coder v0.5.0 released!!!
By Alexandre Fontoura [alexfont]

Finally after almost a year without a new version of Story Coder, the time as come.

First, I\'d like to tell that is now possible to code a new story for LBA1 and use it in both LBA1 original engine and LbaWin port. Both Life and Track scripts are now compiled at a 99% rate.

Second, Story Coder have now a great relationship with Zink\'s LBArchitect Builder program which gives a better and easy way to manage scenes in the LBA world. So I advice you to pick up both programs to not loose anything ;)

Third, the program have lots of fixes and new things like a User Manual, and you should check the Change log for more informations.

I hope you like this new version and as always I\'m waiting your help by giving comments, reporting bugs or giving new ideas.

Source is available!


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