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Obi69 2020-09-05 22:55

Hello from Lyon (France)
Good evening everyone

My name is Obi69 but i'm known as "Twinsen Threepwood" on, my main site of activity.

I'm french and i'm from the same city as the LBA's Team, Lyon.

I 'm a huge fan of LBA since 1994 and 'im very happy to say you hello and join your community.

Maybe you have seen me recently on the MBN' s facebook page.

I would to simply share with you a brand new interview of Didier Chanfray that i had published here yesterday:

It a big interview about LBA1, LBA 2 and LBA 3 !

There are many news things to learn, especially about LBA 3 ! Didier shared with us some important news about the projet and unpublished materials, like a story board of a very important scene !

For now, the interview is only in french, but I'm going to translate it as soon as possible in english. You can already understand it quite easily with the google's chrome translation.

Since we have published the interview yesterday, we try to promote it on our social media because Didier have some VERY important things to say about LBA 3. So do not hesitate to share it everywhere too (in french or later in english as you want) cause we all have the same objective : to finally have LBA 3 !

Have a good reading and thanx for your support ! :evilwink:

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