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Fraggi 2001-11-13 14:54

Sounds funny
i'm new in the the hell do you get to the moon?:?

CrOvAx 2001-11-13 15:21

New to the game, and the board I pressume, but "Registered: Apr 2001" Hmmm... okay :)

How do you get to the moon? Emerald Moon I pressume? Take a spaceship to it I should say, using an itenerary token (How do you spell that word?!) and finding the password somewhere. The rest you should be able to find out yourself, I think.
If not, tell us where you are at the moment.... (in the game)

wacko 2001-11-13 16:10

Talk to people and listen carefully what they're saying, and do everything they hint to. 75% or something of the text are hints.

kaderoboy 2001-11-13 16:24

A place on Desert Island would be delightful for an Esmer base :)

Lightwing 2001-11-14 02:29

Fraggi....where would Hegesipe go?

j.t.ripper 2001-11-27 23:44

a roller coaster would be nice for a esmer base too.

Dusk 2001-11-30 19:31


Originally posted by j.t.ripper
a roller coaster would be nice for a esmer base too.

Snapman 2001-12-07 23:34

A location featured on the origonal LBA would be superb for an Esmer bas.... fuck it. I just gave it all away :rolleyes:

Rex_Hollywood 2001-12-07 23:57

I always thought a water park in the Esmer base will be great...:rolleyes:

kaderoboy 2001-12-08 14:24

How about an old Temple tranformed into an amusment parkm noone will suspect it...

Lightwing 2001-12-08 21:05

Or, the Temple of Bu which was fucked up by Adeline in LBA2 by turning it into a f***ing theme park!!!!!


Rex_Hollywood 2001-12-08 21:39


Originally posted by Lightwing
What's the point in the *** now? ;)

HomerSimpson 2001-12-08 22:04


Originally posted by FireBall2K

What's the point in the *** now? ;)

Good point!

Snapman 2001-12-08 23:35

Yeah. You wouldn't turn a fucking historical location in a cheap f***ing amusment park! The hole which leads to the temple would be preserved, as would the rest of the temple. You don't see people building rollercoasters in the taj mahal do you? :mad:

Darkflame 2001-12-09 13:50

But thats because most of earths religions are stuck-up and boring.
The Sendel's would probably want the race's of Twinsun to enjoy themselves. :)

kaderoboy 2001-12-09 18:30

But turning a sacred holy place into an amusment park? :)

CrOvAx 2001-12-09 18:46

Hmmm..... I want to transform a church into a disco, somethink like the transformation of the temple of bu :)

Rex_Hollywood 2001-12-09 19:51

But it's an EDUCATIONAL amusement park, teaching about the
lovely Temple of Bu.

By the way, who the f**k is Bu???

kaderoboy 2001-12-10 18:06

BĂș? Just a weird name used for a sacred temple...;)

Atresica 2001-12-10 19:16

who knows what Bu means in their language :)

Perhabs they would find 'god' an odd way to call comething sacret :)

Fireball 2001-12-10 21:09

People, stop f***ing swearing, ok? ;)

Rex_Hollywood 2001-12-10 21:22

Yeah, stop sh*ting all day long, and post a f**king useful post! :rolleyes:

kaderoboy 2001-12-12 23:33

And when did we people all start swearing? ;) English pronounced 'Boo'...maybe it has something to do with scaring off people with it's dangerous traps etc...nah :)

Gamewiz 2001-12-21 00:25

People started swearing because they could'nt remember any more english words, so they had to talk gibberish:D

Atresica 2001-12-21 02:13

you know, I always find it funny that english swearings get consored but if someone on internation tv would say that everybody is a Gah'bi there would be alot more people upset :)

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