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StarmanDX 2003-02-18 20:21


Originally posted by Xakep_INC
i would really like to "suck" him

Xakep_INC 2003-02-18 20:47

i said:

i would really like to "suck" like him
anyone else has sketches?

StarmanDX 2003-02-18 21:12

There are a few on my DA site :)

Homeless 2003-02-18 22:46

cool Starmanie :D

citadelle 2003-02-19 22:32

i have lots of sketches i'd like to post, but they are just too damn BIG. Ah well, maybe another time, then

Fireball 2003-02-20 05:34

Wow, really nice sketches, the first one I dont like as much, just looks weird without a scabbard to me... just me, I know :)

citadelle 2003-03-02 02:59

1 Attachment(s)
heh, please don't kill me if you hate harry friend asked me to draw this for her anime vs realistic project...she asked me to do a realistic harry, and thats all i have on my computer now...

Panda 2003-03-02 03:10

Wow, Thats really good. ......

*jaw drops..*

Shite thats good :D

morshem 2003-03-02 09:13


ChaosFish 2003-03-02 20:15

citadelle, this is purely AMAZING! :eek:

Homeless 2003-03-02 20:22

It's really cool :D

Star 2003-03-02 20:41

Reason why both me and Twinsal haven't posted in this thread: too damn jealous.

citadelle 2003-03-03 00:26

1 Attachment(s)
here's an anime that i did (i think its from 'vampire princess miyu')

citadelle 2003-03-03 01:43

1 Attachment(s)
and here is something i drew from a perfume ad (ralph lauren)
hope you like it...

morshem 2003-03-03 06:25

These are actually pretty good! :p

ChaosFish 2003-03-03 18:40

That's a bit rude, cactie... :D

ChaosFish 2003-03-03 21:14

Nevermind, forget it.

ChaosFish 2003-03-03 21:45

It's not you, it's me.


Star 2003-03-03 21:45

STC> I think he misunderstood you. ;)

citadelle 2003-03-03 23:35

STC, i think i know what ur asking: i mostly model them after photographs and such, but i don't trace them or anything ;)

Panda 2003-03-03 23:43

Holy fuck...... those are so good.......

I wish I could draw like that.....

Vultures 2003-03-04 00:52

Great work !!!
continue to draw us some beautiful things like that ;)

Homeless 2003-03-04 18:58

Very nice citadelle :D
i especially like the anime :D

citadelle 2003-03-05 00:38

thanks people, feedback is always nice ;)

StarmanDX 2003-03-05 14:35

Citadelle >> :p

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