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Reek 2003-03-05 17:33

Holy shit girl, are you aware that those drawings are amazing?!?

Damn i wish i could draw like that..

Atresica 2003-03-05 20:28

*jaw drops out of her mouth*

citadelle 2003-03-06 01:22

wow, you guys are a lot more supportive than some other people i know, lol, thanks;)

Cloneguy 2003-03-06 15:22

have more of you got drawings on the internet? like on Elfwood?
I'd like to see them

Darkflame 2003-03-06 19:04

Yes, lots do :)
Check out Kaderos signature...he has a complete list :)

Homeless 2003-03-06 19:26

*tells Kadero to add his Deviant adress*

StarmanDX 2003-03-06 20:30

URL ^_~

as in, let's say, XD

morshem 2003-03-07 06:10


Originally posted by ShootTheCactus
Oh, for......

He has forgot one letter. Sue him!

StarmanDX 2003-03-07 12:58

Make sure you sue him in the US... you're sure to win :p

morshem 2003-03-07 13:02


Too bad they are from England and Sweden...

Alchemist 2003-03-07 14:24

Blah, a little sketch of mine... was made during a boring physics lesson. Nicely captured by digicam I might add :D.

Not click

morshem 2003-03-07 14:27

Pretty nice actually, whatever it is :p .

Cloneguy 2003-03-07 14:37

here's a link to my Elfwood gallery.
Don't mind the ugliness of the pics

Click if you dare, and leave ma a comment

Atresica 2003-03-07 14:40

Alchemist: That rules :D

Cloneguy>> Damn that are some good things :)))

morshem 2003-03-07 14:41

These are great, actaully! I especially lieked the Mountain Troll.

Cloneguy 2003-03-08 11:03

thank you all for the compliments.

and Alchemist, it looks good, though I couldn't figure out wat it was.

citadelle 2003-03-08 19:34

Cloneguy--> You have some really great stuff. I think the paper effect, (although maybe unintentional) of the mountain trolll drawing is really cool:D

kaderoboy 2003-03-14 20:15

DF> Hehe at least someone bothers to read my sig :D


Originally posted by HomelessTarget
*tells Kadero to add his Deviant adress*
Homeless> Sure, I will ;)

Damn, that's some amazing work, I need to update my DA gallery soon...

Firephoenix 2003-03-14 22:03

:eek: that's more than I cant stand, it's toooo beautiful >_< :)

Hm if oonly I was a goood drawer, iit'd be sooo easier to model....

Cooling 2003-03-14 22:27

good but not the best i´ve seen best than that ;)

morshem 2003-03-14 22:28

Hey, Cooling, you're an artist?

mad_aeon 2003-03-19 17:10

1 Attachment(s)
wow! a sketch contest ! ! !:D
Here are my drawings, already in a frame in my room. Photos taken using a webcam...

mad_aeon 2003-03-19 17:12

1 Attachment(s)
another one

citadelle 2003-03-19 17:39

very nice:D

Atresica 2003-03-19 18:03

Very impressive Mad Aeon :)

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