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Twinsen Little Big Adventure 3 - all info here!

Due to many questions about LBA3, here's a summary of all that is currently known about it.
Please don't make threads asking questions which are answered here!

Following piece was written by Double-J:

The makers of LBA, Fred Raynal, Didier Chanfrey, and Phillipe Vachey have apperently had a bit of a falling out. Fred founded his own company, No Cliche, and has been working with his new developers ever since. Vachey and Chanfrey work still for Adeline (I believe, Wacko, correct me if I'm wrong ). Fred and his new company don't have the ability to make LBA 3 because Adeline has the rights to the characters, etc. Consequently, it is currently uncertain whether the game will ever be created. Fred has alreadt written the script, and is currently working with a new team called F-4 Toys.

There has been rumours that LBA/Relentless will be ported to the Game Boy Advance, but that is all. Just a rumour. And unless Fred can come into agreement with Adeline and vice versa, LBA 3 has a snowballs chance in hell of coming out.

We here at the MBN have faith that it will come out, someday. We just don't know when.

Kaderoboy would like to add this:

Frederick Raynal didn't really have a choice if he wanted to 'found' NoCliché or not. In 1997 his Adeline team was sold from Delphine to SEGA where they were changed to NoCliché. At that time the 'falling-out' between Fred, Didier and Phillipe had not yet begun. Apparantly some time in June last year (-sigh it's almost been a year since NoCliché abolished ) all members of NoCliché were made redundant so if the company couldn't 'revive' itself it would have to shutdown. By now, Didier Chanfray was determined to leave NoCliché and refound Adeline Soft. Fred still had hope with NoCliché and had previously invested a lot of money into the company so he thought it would all go to waste if he left. Apparantly, this was the start to some conflict between Didier and Fred. Now both companys (NoCliché, Adeline) became separated from each other. Some months later Fred finally left NoCliche to form f4-toys. Even in NoCliché he did not have the rights to make an LBA3 as he needed approval and permission from Delphine. Now there was a bigger problem, Adeline partially held some of the LBA3 rights and Frederick held all the rights to characters. However, I remember reading in an interview by Axx that now that Fred had left NoCliché, f4-toys would no longer be constrained by SEGA so they would be able to work alongside any company, perhaps even Adeline. Hope that clears up something

Schitzn would like to add this:
Q. Will LBA3 ever be released?

A. This question has no definite answer, Frederick Raynal has expressed his interest in creating a sequel many times over the years. The others in the original team would like to create a sequel. Mr Raynal does not own the rights and would need to buy them before this could be done. Frederick raynal has told mbn member Axx that he proposes to start this project within the next few years, after completing his current project (yes, keep reading for this)

Q. Is LBA 1/2 Abandonware and if not, why?

A. Frederick Raynal does not own the rights to LBA, they were passed on upon the dissolving of adeline with the collapse of Sega. Frederick can't give a ok on doing this, nor can the MBN. If either do, the current owners have the opportuny to sue for money, even if they don't sell the game any more. Its not legal to do, if you find it on the internet, then good for you, however we can't promote others activiities.

Q. Where is Frederick Raynal now?

A. He is still in France, working in connection with Ubisoft, details of this project as unknown and assumed to commence 2008 as creative director on the project, but it is assumed he will push for LBA3 after completing this project and building a name for himself with the publishers. His own company ludoid will expand over time and can be viewed at

Q. Who owns the rights to LBA?

A. We don't know, Frederick doesnt want us to know, if people are asking the owners about the rights and how much it will cost to buy them, then it gives them an opportunity to assume they may be worth more than they thought. For that reason, leave this question alone, only one person needs the rights, and he knows where to get them.

Q. Does Fred have a email address I can contact him with?

A. No, Frederick is a busy man, he gave a fan email address in March 2006, however it no longer works. When Fred gets working on LBA3, we will be sure to know about it and he has assured he wants the MBN's involvement possibly by a forum. Axx (a mbn member) knows Fred personally, has his contact details and keeps us informed of the latest happenings. Don't ask for his email, you ain't havin it. If you feel you have a valuable/useful question to ask, post it on the forum, Axx passes by frequently.

More info

MBN news page (search)
Forum search (try searching for LBA3 keywords, many many threads about it)
An interview with Frederick Raynal, March 2006 - Fred talks about many LBA-related things, including future plans for a sequel. Very interesting to read and answers some common questions.

Info missing or incorrect? Please message a mod if you'd like to add more.

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