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About the story

Golemboy,your story is very good (and it`s seems that`s the only one which has enought lenght).My question is: could you probably try to connect all that stuff in one whole body (like novel or something)?May be anyone from the other dudes would help.Also I think that this would help you to add some other details,to rework others even.
If you ask me you`ll defenetly need help from someone else.The story is good indeed and if you manage to make it as real scenario,the only thing that will be needed is mad_aeon`s approval (and I`m sure that you`ll get it ).
So please think about this,if you can connect all the story and then contact to mad_aeon (,to me ( or to the new member of the team-Alex ( Alex has some good ideas too and you both could do something good

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