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Originally Posted by Kobold View Post
The sound problem has been fixed, definitely. Everything works fine now.
What's the point of the
cherry syrup
It can be used at Spoiler:
the tavern

Originally Posted by Kitarii View Post
Okay played it through, I like the end scene, leaves a bit of mystery!
I was hoping to talk to the characters in there though.
Anyway I made a little "speedrun" of your level.
Watch it here.
Obviously if you haven't played the level yet this video is a spoiler!
nice run

if we start counting after you did the multichoice 0:21, and end at 2:13 where the scene fades out, your time is 1:52
can anyone do better?

Originally Posted by Echomote View Post
This is awesome. You should make some levels where you have to dodge and sneak past enemies without any weapons (ie, no magicball) too
yeah, I was thinking of making a prison break map, where you'd have to sneak your way out most of the part, and with puzzles etc.

Originally Posted by LBAWinOwns View Post
Played it

It was awesome

Originally Posted by ChaosFish View Post

Thanks Inventor! You win a thousand cookies. It's about time someone makes LBA levels for download. I'll play it as soon as I have LBA installed.

Originally Posted by Bot13 View Post
Very nice. Real contribution to the MBN.

Originally Posted by Kobold View Post
Another thing I noticed.

In the final scene, you can kill the elves. They will only take 1 damage. Maybe you should make then invincible.
heh, ok I might make them invincible, if I make another update for it
thanks for playing

I also made a small arena/invasion sabre training map

err, it was my umm.. brother playing that, I wouldn't loose like that

warning: this one is really tough if you choose the hardest setting
how to install:
1. Make a backup of your lba folder
2. Replace the contents of your lba folder, with the one in the archive.

how to uninstall:
1.replace the contents of your lba folder, with the contents of your backup folder.
(2. remove backup)
Download (you can replace the desertbase files with this one, same files are replaced)
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