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Originally Posted by Kitarii View Post

Originally Posted by bunnyrabbot08 View Post
Jeg synes, det er virkelig dejligt! De første LBA modifikation færdig!
Umm.. not sure what you are saying.. but thanks

Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
Just played them, they are absolutely fantastic ! Really, congratulations !
(I discovered that I was good at LBA only because I know the levels, else two clones are enough to defeat me )

by the way, shouldn't we do some kind of championship, like who survives the longest time in the arena ?
and like kitarii said, it doesn't last forever, but still though I could possibly modify it to last longer..

Originally Posted by Agustin View Post
Hey, this is awesomely cool!!!

Originally Posted by Lightwing View Post
This is fantastic!
thank you

And another one
how to install:
1. Make a backup of your lba folder
2. Replace the contents of your lba folder, with the one in the archive.

how to uninstall:
1.replace the contents of your lba folder, with the contents of your backup folder.
(2. remove backup)
Download (you can replace the desertbase or groboinvasion files with this one, same files are replaced)
Try out my LBA1 maps:
Desert Base
Grobo invasion

try out my fan game demo Twinrunner 0.5
credits to ChaosFish for uploading the game!
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