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Alright well. Let's say that LBA1 remake was almost near completion. It's been worked on for years. Than some Joe that's had the rights for 7 years hears about it and thinks, "hum, it's kind of a small cult game. Maybe I ought to remake it with really cheap-o graphics for the mobile market."

Next thing you know a dude that never created the game, just happens to have the rights to it and says, "I want you to close your project or you'll get sued."

For example, the same thing happened with King's Quest: Silver Lining. Thankfully, those guys managed to strike up a good bargain and get the project running again. But it was a dead franchise, Sierra never had plans to make another title, and yet Sierra told them to close the project down. The funny thing is, if these projects were all shitty, companies wouldn't give a damn. It's only when one of these fan games becomes of decent quality that corporations notice and threaten to sue.

But here's the deal. Take LBA for example. All the people that participated in making the creative parts of the game (Didier, Fred, etc) don't have the complete rights. I have no idea who does. But seeing as how the rights were sold by Delphine, whoever holds the rights probably never participated in making the game. However, I bet you that if any project on this forum ever reaches widespread popularity, he'll be threatening to sue some ass.
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