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Game installation

Before installing the game please make sure that you have the .NET platform 3.5 installed on your machine. If not you can download it there:

In order to play the game you will also need to install nvidia PhysX on your machine if you do no have it already, you can download it here

There is two way to install the game on your machine:

Using the installers (recommanded windows XP):

  1. Download and install the game installer:
  2. Download and install the images files installer:
  3. Start the game from startup menu or desktop icon

Manual installation from archive files (recommanded windows vista and 7):
  1. Download and unpack the game archive:
  2. Run LBANet.exe

Game requirements:
  • The game has been programmed and tested under windows XP.
  • However it also seems to run under windows vista and windows 7.
  • GoofyLife also made it work under Mac OSX with Parallels
  • There is no supported linux version for now, but it is planned
  • The game will not run under windows 2000 because IPV6 is not supported there.
  • There is no real minimum requirements, however your graphic card needs to have drivers supporting opengl for the game to run correctly.
  • Also your graphic card need to support texture size of at least 2048x2048

Windows 7 and vista users: the game and game patcher need to be executed with administrator rights. In order to do so, go in the game directory. Right click on Lbanet.exe. Click on Property in the context menu. Go to the compatibility tab. Check the box "run as administrator". Click the OK button.

If you run into trouble installing or playing the game, please post your problem there:

Please make sure that you also read the game FAQ before posting:

However if you find a bug during playing please report it in the bugtracker:

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