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New version Prequengine v0.1.1 win32

New version release for Windows users.

Download version 0.1.1

A few new implemented features and a lot of in-game issues as been fixed. Take a look at all changes made in this release in the further quote.

With this version you should be able to complete the entire game. Note, that previous version 0.1.0 have critical issues that prevent you to finish the game. So, please, update your copy

Originally Posted by README
Prequengine: a Little Big Adventure engine Changes
- List of all changes during public version releases

# 0.1.1 - 13.02.2010:
- [FIXED] (issue #8) Application window close button didn't quit the game
- [FIXED] (issue #9) Menu "Continue game" was always playing intro screens. It nows only plays if we are at Chapter 1 (Still at Prison in Citaldel Island)
- [FIXED] (issue #10) Wrong bar size of Magic Level (blue bar)
- [FIXED] (issue #11) Wrong color and position for Kashes range count overlay
- [FIXED] (issue #7) Incorrect 3D characters rendering while in certain scenes. Was made an workaround for now, it must be fixed like original
- [FIXED] (issue #12) All FLA movies requested to play by Life Script wasn't working
- [FIXED] (issue #14) Prevent bug that shows infinit clover leafs
- [FIXED] (issue #17) Crital issue at Clear Water Lake scene which blocks the player to processed in game. The game was freezing due to inventory item set
- [FIXED] (issue #15) Text empty lines was drawing with previous displayed text
- [FIXED] (issue #20) Reset menu font paremeters
- [FIXED] (issue #24) There was a problem in delay function that was incorrectly ask for skipped delays. This adds the issue that blocks skip intros, found objects and text correctly
- [FIXED] (issue #21,22,23) Animation initialization didn't work for ids higher than 127
- [FIXED] (issue #27) Music was always stopping if Hero die, and didn't restart.

- [ADDED] Holomap set and clear locations funcionality. It allows to save game properly and to be used in other engines like LbaWin
- [ADDED] (issue #4) Hero drowning while standing on water bricks
- [ADDED] (issue #16) Gameover 3D model when Hero dies and gameover
- [ADDED] Ovelay inventory items at screen corner (ex. when we found holomap or a new locations is set)
- [ADDED] F1..F4 keys to change Hero behavior

# 0.1.0 - 25.01.2010:
- First public release
LBA2Remake v0.4.0 released - open source re-implementation of the LBA 2 original engine for the web.
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