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Funfrock Lbanet needs you!

The Lbanet team is still actively looking for people to help:

A web developer:
Role: Maintain and add functionalities to the Lbanet website
Knowledge needed: HTML and PHP. It would also be good to know CMS technologies such as Joomla

A GUI developer:
Role: Develop the editor GUI further by adding more functionalities
Knowledge: C++ and Qt

3D engine programmer:
Role: Improve the 3d engine used by Lbanet
Knowledge: C++, OpenGL, shaders. It would also be good to know a bit OpenSceneGraph (

Linux and Mac developers:
Role: Compile and maintain a version of Lbanet for Linux and Mac platforms
Knowledge: makefile, a bit of C++

World designer:
Role: Create your own world for Lbanet and publish it for everybody to play on it
Knowledge: your imagination There is a set of tools to help you with world creation so you don't need any programming skills.
Knowing a bit LUA might help but is not necessary

So if you are interested by any of this jobs, just leave a post or send me a PM!
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