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Exclamation Updated list of challenges

I've tried to run every single challenge myself, and have come up with lots of new info about them. Unfortunately I cannot update the posts anymore, so I'll have to repost the new version.

POSSIBLE challenges:
-BlowgunNoBall Challenge [easy, short, proof]: complete the blowgun test at the school of magic without your magic ball
-NoBall Challenge [medium, long, proof]: finish the game without your magic ball
-Wizard Challenge [easy, long, proof]; finish the game with your Wizard's parade tunic
-NoTunic Challenge [easy, long, proof]: finish the game while wearing the normal clothes you start the game with
-ForeignWeapon Challenge [easy, long, proof]; get the Pisto lazer of Zarnon on Twinsun (and finish the game?)
-Hacienda Challenge [medium, short, need proof]: get to and from the Island across the Hacienda without using transport of any kind
-SpaceSuit Challenge [easy, medium, proof]: get the SpaceSuit in the main building on Emerald Moon
-Reactor Challenge [medium, medium, proof]: get on top of the reactor on Emerald Moon and view the complete camp with satelite dish
-Lunar Challenge [easy, medium, proof]: get outside on the Emerald Moon without wearing the SpaceSuit (you'll survive, believe me!)
-ZoéDome Challenge [easy, medium, proof:attachment1]: complete the Dome of the Slate maze while being accompanied with Zoé (dead-end)
-RainyDome Challenge [easy, short, proof:attachment2]: complete the Dome of the Slate maze while it is still raining
-RedB4Green Challenge [medium, long, proof]: finish the game by reaching your green magic level after you already reached the red level
-NoRed Challenge [medium, long, proof]: finish the game without reaching red magic level at all
-ZeelichB4Storm Challenge [hard, medium, proof]: get Zoé to the lighthouse with the purpose of clearing the storm, after you got back from Zeelich (dead-end)

-Statue Challenge [no effective JSB found]: try to get into the statue when it is not triggered yet
-NoWeapon Challenge [dependence]: prove the Statue Challenge and try to finish the game without weapons
-NoItems Challenge [dependence]: prove the NoWeapon Challenge and try to finish the game without any items in your inventory
-FireOnly Challenge [dependence]: prove the Statue Challenge or ManualCX Challenge and try to finish the game without reaching yellow, green or red magic levels
-NoMagic Challenge [dependence]: prove the Statue Challenge and try to finish the game without reaching any magic level at all
-FullZeelichB4Storm Challenge [conflicting triggers]: try to finish the game by not clearing the storm, but reaching both green and red levels and taking both trips to Zeelich
-Palace Challenge [no effective JSB found]: try to get into the palace without the emperor's sword
-ReverseTrip Challenge [conflicting triggers]: try to finish the game by going on a spacetrip from the esmer base (and get back) before you go on the trip from the Hacienda
-ForeignSword Challenge [dependence]: prove the ManualCX Challenge and try to do the ForeignWeapon Challenge with the sword instead
-FullSpaceSuit Challenge [no exit found]: try to get off the moon and out of the shuttle while wearing the SpaceSuit
-ManualCX Challenge [no effective JSB found]: try to get to Island CX manually from Otringal (without crash-landing with Baldino, talking to Rick, Johnny, the souvenir guy on Celeb. Island or the Mosquibee queen or getting the passage key)
-Overkill Challenge [dependence]: prove the ForeignSword Challenge and try to kill the Tralü with the Emperor's sword.

- So far, there's been no proof the Statue Challenge is possible. Someone in the past claimed it was, but no one was able to reproduce it. If you can jump into the invisible entrance of the statue when the statue's not there yet, you'll be able to prove a lot more challenges than one.

- The Palace Challenge is also impossible so far, but would unlock alternative ways of completing other challenges. The palace entrance is blocked by a scene border that is coded to only allow passing through by key (which requires the sword). The JSB has been proven to be ineffective for such a border, as there's no exit mechanism to jump to.

- The FullZeelichB4Storm Challenge is very hard. To take the first trip, you need to finish your wizardry and therefore complete the dome. For that you need to save Raph. After you save him, it is required either to continue to clear the storm for the correct conversation with Dino-fly, or escape the cutscene with Zoé and get rid of her with your car. But the latter will force the cutscene with Zoé again after you crash-land back on Citadel Island. This will replace Dino-fly's destination inquiry by "Have you seen Zoé yet", eventhough she's in your arms, and she doesn't let you get in the house where she's supposed to be. Consequently, you won't be able to leave the island or continue with the story (note that the Weather wizard's not at the lighthouse anymore now that the esmers have taken over). Secondly, avoiding the cutscene with Zoé in the first place, is not possible, as the cutscene is unfortunately triggered by entering any adjacent scene to the one you crash-land on.

- The ReverseTrip Challenge is impossible so far, as no effective continuation is found after a certain point. After you crash-land on Otringal with Baldino, if that is your first visit, there won't be any way to trigger the capture and consequently the assignment of stealing a shuttle (which would be on your visit from the Hacienda trip). The game thinks you're visiting Zeelich for the second time after the crash-land, and either the stealable shuttle will be gone or you won't find Joe the elf in the corridor where you'd normally get captured. Getting hold of an itinerary token from elsewhere is therefore useless. Even if this were somehow possible, the Hacienda trip wont be available after you crash-land back on Twinsun, as the esmer take-over will probably remove the Esmer that invites you to Zeelich, just like the Weather Wizard is in the FullZeelichB4Storm Challenge.

- To be able to get to island CX, you need to follow the chain of events from crash-landing, talking to the souvenir guy, Rick, Johnny Rocket and showing the ring to the Queen of the Mosquibees, and getting her key of passage after she got captured. If you didn't crash-land or if no red magic level is an objective, this chain cannot be followed. For the ManualCX Challenge, it would be a possibility to try to JSB over the still locked secret passage instead and find the isometric scene exit. But this exit/entrance could not be found yet. Another note worthwhile is that while having no magic level at all when you enter Rick's cafe, you'll be automatically warped into red magic level. I haven't found a way of preventing this, other than having a green magic level on beforehand, which you then get to keep. This means that this challenge is required for the FireOnly- and NoMagic Challenges as talking to Rick instead would evitably break their objectives.

- The ForeignSword Challenge and consequently the Overkill Challenge are assumed impossible. Because to get the sword, you need to get to Island CX. And the objective is to be able to take the stolen shuttle trip back to Twinsun, and for that you need to arrive by Hacienda in the first place. This will prevent you from initiating the chain of events explained above about the ManualCX Challenge, as Baldino will not have crashed on Otringal yet, so he can't give you the superjetpack for solving the Money Monkey bug. In short, it means that getting the sword requires you to crash-land on Otringal to begin with, which removes the trigger for taking the stolen shuttle trip to Twinsun.

- The FullSpaceSuit Challenge is also assumed impossible. Suppose you succeeded in getting the spacesuit inside the main building on the moon, you still have to get Baldino to trigger the exit from the moon by his spaceship. That is the only way out. The shuttle you came with is only programmed to go TO the moon and not from. So even if you were able to store a second token, and able to insert it after landing, the shuttle will never leave. Also note that all itinerary tokens are considered by the game as the same object. Entering a room that has a token while already having a token from a different place, will make the game think you already have "it".

- The NoMagic Challenge might be possible by proving the Statue Challenge first, because it will enable to skip the Island CX part (which warps Red magic level at Rick's cafe), but there may be other ways to prove this challenge. For instance, I haven't found out what exactly are the full criteria at which your magic level will automatically be set to red level at Rick's cafe. I think it is having no magic at all, but there could be other criteria too. If having the magic ball is also a criteria, you might not have to skip all that Island CX part and get to the statue regardless.

- If you know how to complete the game with no magic levels except the last one that you get from Dark Monk's key, then please tell me. This is what would make the FireOnly Challenge possible. If not by proving either the Statue Challenge or ManualCX Challenge, by whatever you found.

With these explanations I mean to display all previous findings about these challenges, NOT to claim they are impossible. I hope this helps others in solving them based on what I and others already have found. There is no exclusive proof yet any of these are exactly impossible.
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