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ForeignSword Challenge

Status: Unconfirmed

Description: Get the Emperor's Sword on Twinsun (and finish the game?)

This challenge resembles the ForeignWeapon Challenge, but with the sword instead of the Laser. Normally you would aqcuire the sword after your second trip to Zeelich, after which you won't return to Twinsun unless by the final cutscene, but this time, get the sword during your first visit on Zeelich and return to Twinsun instead.
Required for:
  • Using the Emperor's sword on Twinsun

  • To get the sword, you need to get to Island CX.
  • The objective is to also be able to take the stolen shuttle trip back to Twinsun. But you only get this option when you're caught after having taken the Hacienda trip to Zeelich.
  • Having taken the Hacienda trip to Zeelich, Jerome Baldino won't have crash-landed on Otringal yet, so you need to succeed in the ManualCX Challenge to be able to get to Island CX and get the sword.
  • Without Jerome Baldino, you cannot get the Super Jetpack, which would have solved the Money Monkey bug.
  • Getting the sword thus requires you to crash-land on Otringal to begin with, which removes the option to steal the shuttle heading for Twinsun.
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