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Emerald Moon

Type: Planet (treated as an Area)

Location path: Emerald Moon

This is the one and only moon of planet Twinsun. It is rumoured that the Esmers of planet Zeelich live on the hidden side.

The only accessible area is the crater of the Esmer Base, which extends behind the Main Building into a backyard of sorts. When spaceshuttles land on the shuttlepads, visitors must first register in the Welcoming Building to get a pass, which opens one of the three doors of the Main Building. The backyard behind the Main Building does not offer any features.
  • When Twinsen lands his shuttle on the Moon, he is asked a password through the intercom. The real answer is "Operation Green Moon", which upon chosen, will cause the hostile Esmers in the outside crater to remain friendly unless shot. Any other answer and they will shoot on sight.
  • Twinsen obviously does not need a pass, he just kills the guards in the Welcoming Building, opens a door himself and enters the Main Building without any permission.
  • Jerome Baldino can be found in the cell in the Prison area, which is accessible from the Resting Area of the Main Building.
  • To be able to enter the Prison, first must the machine at the top of the stairs in the Worker Area be broken, so the door will unlock.
  • The red lever next to the machine, opens the door below that exits to the backyard.

Characters & Items:
  1. Spacesuit Guard

Building / Inner Room sublocations:
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