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Originally Posted by SpaceGuitarist View Post
Dolores Cahill is being asked to resign over her blatantly false claims.

Dr Mohammad Adil is under investigation and his medical license has been suspended.

Dr Zac Cox is a... holistic dentist?

Dr Andrew Kaufman is a psychiatrist who believes the virus doesn’t exist at all.

I can’t find anything about Dr Heiko Shöning other than his arrest and some really vague interviews where he says that this is a step toward state controlled media. Obviously.

Dr Heinrich Fiechtner is very concerned about the link between the virus and socialism. Obviously.

Scott Jensen is under investigation and trying to walk back his statements that doctors are falsely claiming covid as the cause of death of their patients to somehow make more money.

Elke De Klerk says she is a general practitioner but they don’t even refer to her as a doctor. She says that the coronavirus is a normal flu virus.

Dr Mikael Nordfors is the best one on here and is worth googling yourself. He has faced charges in Sweden for falsifying diagnoses and sexual assault because he treats his patients by massaging their butts. He also has a Spotify page where you can listen to his synth music that you KNOW he played while molesting those butts.

So I really want to know what these people actually agree on. Is it the flu? Is it totally fake? Is it “exsomes”? Does it require butt massage?
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