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Arrow Submissions for the Encyclopedia Twinsunica

General info

Website is at
Images directory (currently empty) at

You can now make submissions for the Encyclopedia Twinsunica!

How it works

- First you look up if the item you'd like to write about already exists, or has been taken. If the item doesn't exists at all, please reply in the thread about tree structure addons/changes.
- Then you reply here with the name of the item you're going to write about to prevent someone else doing the same.
- Copy & paste the template layout in your favorite text editor.
- Write the article.
- Then reply here again with your complete submission.

Tags you may use

The standard tags per article are [official], [fan], [role], [related] and [authors]. Those are the names of the subtitles an article should normally exist of. If you think one of those doesn't fits for this article, simply don't use it.

If you'd like to make an extra subheader in the same style as those main categories, use [head]Title[/head].

Furthermore you can use [ b ] (handy for small subheaders), [ i ] and [ u ] for respectively bold, italic and underlined text. [ url ]link[ /url ] or [ url=link ]description[ /url ] makes a hyperlink. And [ quote ]text[ /quote] is handy if you want to quote someone.

Template submission

(do not copy the // BEGIN and // END along.... )

All fields are optional, if you feel a field isn't appropiate for an article, don't use the tag.


Put the name here (preferably, put that as the post's title, and not in the post itself)


In the case of an island/character/weapon/generic enemy, you can put statistics here.
For more information, see below.


Here you can put quotes and official descriptions found in the game about the item. The Twinsunica's Quoutes Database will be useful for that.


Here goes your extended description, being as detailed as possible. Do not go too much into details about something if it also exists underneath this item in the tree structure, ofcourse.


If you'd like, you can put some of your own or others theories about the item here, which are not based on confirmed facts.


Write here what this item had to do with Twinsen's adventures.


Here you can put some trivia on the item, things you might have never known about it.


You can put a list of related articles here by making hyperlinks to other articles. It should be about the 5 most related articles.
This should go in the format of [ url=link ]Item name[/ url]


You can place links to related MBN forum threads here.
Note: this is really optional, as most items already contain a list of related threads.


Put your nickname here. If someone later on adds/changes something, his name will also be here.


Extended info on the [stats] section.

Inhabitants: [number/a few/a lot]
Size: [small/medium/large]
Type: [green/desert/ice/rock/lava/other]
Transportation: [how & where to]

(Examples: | green: Citadel Island | desert: Desert Island | ice: Hamalayi Mountains | rock: Otringal | lava: Wannies' island | other: Emerald Moon Base)
Size: [short/medium/long]
Race: [quetch/grobo/rabbibunny/sphero/sup/mosquibee/wannie/franco/other]
Gender: [male/female/unknown]
Age range: [kid/adult]
Effective against: [yellow/green/red/all] enemies
"Firing" rate: [slow/medium/fast]
Damage per hit: [little/medium/lots]
Range: [melee/short/medium/long]
Generic enemies:
Strength range: [yellow/green/red/white]
On hit: [doesn't] moves [backwards/sidewards]
Recovery time: [slow/medium/fast]
"Firing" rate: [slow/medium/fast]
Damage per hit: [little/medium/lots]
Weapon range: [melee/short/medium/long]
Move speed: [slow/medium/fast]
Images and icons

Standard for each item is a 200x200 pixels icon. This should be a quick snapshot of the whole item. If you want to make it yourself, just attach it to your article submission. Otherwise someone else can make it.

Other images can't be added for now, once that's working I'll open a new thread for that. They will also need titles and descriptions. But focus on the articles for now.

Comments and spelling/grammar checking

If someone has put a submission here you can post comments on it here as well. You can correct mistakes and wrong spelling/grammar.
Another option is to contact one of the members with admin access to the site (see this page for more information), and notify them on anything that has to be changed anr/or added.


Handy links:

Note: I've added quotes of some of the characters, this can be handy to use.

Thanks a lot in advance. This project can't exist without you writing, so it's depending on you
I'm looking forward to add your articles.

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