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Hey, hum, so much noise for a shirt !
They said bright and colourful shirt because lights and camera twist a lot colours. I picked up this one that would seemed perfect, wrong choice it appears , let's say that's something you can't understand until you get it in front of your eyes IRL
Yes, my english is still like it is. Actually I can do better in regular situation but as I'm not used to this kind of talk, the accent is then sadly a minor priority task.
YazOr is the guy. I realized after the conference that I didn't let him talk. Sorry.
The animation engine spirit is the same then alone in the dark, faster is your computer, smoother are animations. LBA running on a modern computer can compute thousands of fps. (with 512 total angles for 360° it means several consecutive frames are the same at this speed )

The end on the other thread...
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