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Zeelich's Surface / Dark Monk's Statue
Zeelich's Surface / Body
Zeelich's Surface / Downstairs
Zeelich's Surface / Head

Family members:

Attack styles:
  • Thrown Fireballs (ranged)
  • ...?

Dark Monk

Click image for larger version

Name:	DarkMonk.jpg
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Race: hidden
Gender: Male
Magical: no
Hostility: Aggressive
Requires: Magic Level Fire
Occupation: Unknown

Dark Monk is the God of Zeelich.

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A mad scientist Quetch on Twinsun, Dr. FunFrock, tried to rule whole planet Twinsun. Twinsen defeated him by ruining his plans though, and saved the world from the evil reign of FunFrock.

Previously, FunFrock had cloned numerous Twinsunians and had the ability to teleport to anywhere using telepods. At the end of his reign, Twinsen had destroyed his mutation factory, Fortress and Teleportation center, and FunFrock was defeated during a fight at the Well of Sendell. Now, life is at peace again at Twinsun, and everyone is happy. Until Twinsen discovers some grave news from the Grand Rector at the School of Magic that is...

Secretly, FunFrock is back again, and has takes over the role of Dark Monk. Being Twinsen's adversary from LBA1, FunFrock deceives the Esmers from Zeelich for being their savior. With the help of the religious Esmers, FunFrock causes the Emerald Moon to hurl towards Twinsun, so they will collide and he can harness the power of Sendell who lives in the planet's core. He does this by letting Twinsen raise the statue of Dark Monk on Celebration Island, which is in fact an antenna.
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