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LBA 2 - Animation Information

This is probably not the right place for this kind of topic. But, I tried. I remember seeing this information somewhere already, but cannot find that topic again.

Anyways, in what HQR file can I find the information to change what projectiles entities use? Let's say for example, that I want Twinsen to throw Franco grenades instead of his Magic Ball. Perhaps he is one of Funfrock's Grobos with missile carriers and has the ability to shoot missiles as well.

How can I do this?

I already have all the programs that I need ( LBA Package Editor, Hex Editor, Etc. ). But, in what file would this information be stored? I assumed that this information would be in the RESS.HQR with the entry labeled, "LBA 2 Character Informations", but the space is so cluttered with characters in the Hex Editor that it would take ages to figure this out.

Or is the information of projectiles located in the BODY or ANIM.HQR's?


P.S - I figured I would ask because some of you know so much about the coding and scripting behind the LBA games that it just boggles my mind.
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