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I think LBArchitect::Builder can do that. Open a Scene for editing, click an actor, and you will see these three settings for it: Entity, Body, and Animation. Entity is the entry of FILE3D.HQR, Body - entry of Body.hqr, and Animation - entry of Anim.hqr.
Numbers in parentheses are virtual IDs, defined in FILE3D.HQR. Numbers without parentheses are real entry IDs from Body.hqr and Anim.hqr.
(3D areas cannot be opened, but you can open a 3D scene with an isometric background using advanced opening dialog).

If you want to edit the animations, I think you could select another body or animation and see what happens. I'm not sure it that works fully, but it should, as far as I remember from the last time I was working on this program .
Another thing is that you may not be able to see the result easily. The animation selected in the box is a base animation (the animation the actor starts the scene with). Most often it is (0), which usually is a standing still animation. Then the scene script changes it to something else (walking). To avoid overriding your setting by the script, you should select an actor that doesn't change the animation at all. Check the actor's Track Script and search for the ANIM command. Also Life Script can change the animation with ANIM, ANIM_SET and ANIM_OBJ commands. ANIM_OBJ changes the animation for another actor, so you will have to search for all instances of it and see if any of them applies to your actor.

Anticipating your next question: bodies and animations can be selected from those defined in the FILE3D.HQR for the specified actor only (because they are selected using virtual indices). To test a shooting animation from one actor with another one you will have to replace the actual entries in the anim.hqr file.

There are descriptions for these animations that are known only. If you are going to browse through the animations, you could write down what they do, and add the info to this page, or send it to me.

Sorry for posting this only now, but I forgot my own program could do what you want
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