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Sorry for late reply! Sooo happy someone wants to speedrun lba1!!

Ok so I think most people use the steam version or GOG. Btw if u buy the enhanced version on steam you also get the original one. I also used the CD version with lbawin but i dont use it for runs since loading time are faster if i remember correctly. You should be fine with the version you are using.

I'm glad you enjoy the hologlitch! It was discovered by Kuky on lba 2 and then we started using it with lba1 and made so many discoveries. How it works exactly I dont know. Most of the uses for it were found through trial and error. Once we knew the potential of the holomap we strarted using it everywhere. I still think we can find some more.

I use OBS to stream and livesplit for timer. I know somone made an autosplitter for lba2 but i never used it. I split manualy since there aren't that many split anyway. You should definitly stream your runs and even your practice, it would be awsome!

I'VE BEEN WAITING YEARS FOR SOMEONE TO SHOW GRATITUDE TOWARDS THE SPEEDRUN GUIDE XD. It was made some years ago by amnesti and it's really well done and complete( at least for the strats back then).

The Gawley's horn holo can be tricky. You need to start holding h just before jumping. Then hold h and the jump key until Twinsen is in the air then release the keys. If you do it wrong , Twinsen wont jump in the air. It usualy takes 2 fades( cycle) of holomap to work if I remember correctly. As for your position, try not to be to close from the door and your angle should be facing between the wall and the door. btw I think i failed it once in my wr run lol XD.

Please! don't apoligize for posting a long msg! In the contrary your message really made my day!
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