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I knew I forgot something important, I totally glossed over the carrot door.

This was a big obstacle for a while yet the answer was pretty simple.
The problem was that the load zone wasn't in the door itself, it was a few steps behind it. All attempts just ended with Twinsen stuck in the door unable to move. This happens because of the jump.
When Twinsen gains height while also clipping into a sprite that has a solid wall on the top of it, he'll just be stuck in a perpetual falling animation unable to do anything. (The most scary one being the brundle door)
Fortunately, backflipping with the saber in athletic (dubbed the FlipClip) keeps Twinsens feet perched firmly on the ground and prevents him from getting stuck.

Most, if not all, doors are too chunky to get through in one cycle, but after several executions he'll make it to the other side and hit the load zone to the next hemisphere.

And a side note. It's probably not worth anything but I'll share it anyway. The holomap isn't the only item that can trigger this glitch, but it is definitely (as far as we know) the most convenient).

The Principal fortress door is the same as any other, except you're doing it from behind the door instead of in front of it.

This is the piece of wall that makes it possible. It's difficult to gauge where it is, but it's the only bit of wall that you can walk across without being stuck walking on the spot. So keep tapping left and/or right until Twinsen skirts across it freely.
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