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Twinsen Twinsen - Pilot Episode Demo

Okay guys!
as you all know, I've been working on a platformer game based around Twinsen.
It's been though some rough stages but the time has come for the demo, so without any more delays- its here.

First some screenshots:

so what does this demo feature? Play it yourself and find out (I should mention, windows only (very sorry )

and the controls are:
  • f4 - toggle full screen
  • shift - run
  • z - jump
  • x - sword
  • c - magic ball
  • enter - start
  • arrow keys - move
but, if you have a controller, I highly suggest downloading joy2key and playing the game with that
there are a few new moves you haven't seen from my game before and they might take some time to figure out, and thats what I hope you all do, spend some time mastering the controls and how Twinsen moves and attacks, there are also a few secrets in the demo, if you don't figure them out after a few weeks, I'll tell you them

Okay, heres the demo link:
Twinsen Pilot Episode Demo
I'd really appreciate if some of you guys could mirror it also


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