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[LBA Prequel] .BMP-to-.FLA Converter by MGLC

Spatarel Dan Constantin ('MGLC') has been developing a .BMP to .FLA converter for our project for months now, and we are pleased to announce that it is complete and ready for release. This converter is now integrated into the LBA Screen Viewer and it should be released withinin the next few days to the public.

With this tool, we will now be able to fully integrate 3D models and CGI into cutscenes and a slew of other great uses, so we are grateful that Sparatel was able to help us out. Now more than ever, this sort of contribution from the LBA community shows that this truly is a fan project, and everyone can help! He saw on our website that we did not have such a converter as of yet, and took the time and the initiative to construct one for us.

Once again, thanks to Spatarel for his hard work, and bringing us a program that will not only help make our game better, but will be a wonderful addition to all LBA fan projects.

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