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MBN year's review 2007

January 7th
  • As the year starts, a new era of LBA modification begins. LBArchitect and LBA Story Coder can now cooperate to allow an easy editing of scenes. There's only a few left that you'll need to create your own version of LBA 1!
March 21stApril 1stMay 31st
June 26thJuly 3rd
August 6thAugust 18thSeptember 29thOctober 8thOctober 20thDecember 10th
  • After Lightwing stepped down, Kitarii (previously Ricochet) and Jasiek become democratically elected the MBN's new super moderators.
December 20thDecember 25th
  • The Roofles Den is now available for discussion about homosexuality, religion and other injuries. (Found that offensive? Don't opt in!)
December 27thWhat the year did not bring
  • While the year was still quite active, many promised releases of LBA fan projects got delayed and delayed. The latest release of the platformer game Twinsen dates over a year back, the LBA Prequel's demo didn't come yet and the LBA: The Great Rebellion project has similar problems. When #lba titles "2008 will be the year of LBA", it's not because LBA 3 draws nearer (development starts 2009 in the best case). Watch out what the LBA community itself has to offer you next year!

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